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12:04 PM on 05.26.2009

SNES Art Installation [origin of my banner]

Most students filled their studio with paint and canvas, I just lugged my imac up every friday.Also, Ghetto setup.

So, this year was my last at University. As part of my Honours degree I applied to a special course in which a few students were granted residency at a local gallery - pretty awesome, and a lot of fun. Students are free to create what they want in this course (based on their applications from the previous year) and this is where I created my art games but that isn't what this post is about.

At the beginning of the year instructors wanted us producing art right away (last year's group was not so productive I guess) and so they gave us three options to cover for the first three weeks; Text, Event, and...Well I can't remember... at all. Anyway, this SNES installation was what I called an event.

It's super simple in it's concept. A personal recreation of a pivotal event in my life - beating Super Mario World.

Yep, this is where my Banner comes from. Photo by Dario Ayala, another student in the class.

So basically the story goes like this. Before I was 10 years old, I can't remember exactly when, I got an SNES and Super Mario World for my Birthday. I must have begged my parents for one after playing at a friends because before that I had no knowledge of Videogames or Nintendo or anything like that. Super Mario World was the first game I beat and to kid under ten who had never played Videogames that is a pretty oustanding moment. Emotionally I was sort of torn. I was so proud of my achievement, I was so happy that I saved the Princess, but I was sad that it was over and, more importantly I was terrified to turn the thing off.

The way I saw it was that after months of playing the game my adventure had finally come to an end, I had resued the princess, the evil bowser had been slain and then I got to the 'THE END' screen

This is where it leaves you. I thought it was SO AWESOME that the sprites I had been controlling were now blown up and detailed and addressing me! I thought that I would never see it again because the journey had been so long. I didn't understand, or care, that the game was a program, that I could do this again next time I turned it on, it was far too real to me at the time and I left that TV on for 3 days as a reminder, as a precaution.

This is where the installation comes in. As you may have read on my side profile thingy I've come to really appreciate retro games and this moment being so potent to me seemed like the perfect way to start my development of Videogame based art, a reflective piece.

I set the old school TV up on the ground and the night before the critique brought my brother up to the studio and we played through the game in under 3 hours. I was amazed at how much we remembered at how fun it was to relive that with him. We would laugh for no good reason, a bad jump, a memory of a level or enemy. I wanted to fill the room with that same energy from the mid-90s and I think I was successful in doing that. Once we reached the end we dropped the controllers, shut the light and left the gallery.

When I got home I decided to add another level of my childhood gaming experiences to the work, music. The music played from a closet in my studio very faintly. I downloaded a midi of Super Mario World's title music and edited it's tempo and instruments to come up with this lullaby sounding rendition,

HEY LISTEN! [also, hit Download for Free near the bottom of the page.]

What this represented was a strange phenomenon that I'm sure isn't unique to me. I didn't stop playing games when I went to sleep. I would constantly dream of gameplay. A typical scenario would have been dreaming the ending to a game, I did this with Super Metroid. When I woke up to find my brother playing the game I'd ask. "What are you doing we beat that already." [as if returning to a beaten game was against the rules...] to which he would respond with confusion...I'd figure it out and we'd have a laugh. But I thought you would all enjoy the score to the gameplay in my dreams.

It was a really great experience and I would be lying if I said that I didn't get emotional during the production more than a few times. It really has been one of my most meaningful, personal works to date and one that had an unexpected affect on me.   read

1:11 PM on 05.23.2009

Perri is Back, new format.

Good excuse for me to use this image again.

Hey everybody,

Thought I'd give the return/new format it's own post, just to get back into the swing of things.

I've redone my banner, sidebar information has been updated [read it!] and I've got a few announcements.

I've got a couple of things in the works including some on-going series' I want to do:

1. "Almost Videogame related" [or AVGR]

This series would document things I notice in the real world that reminded me or flat out reference videogames. I've got a couple things for the first few, hopefully the world will provide me with the rest.

2. "What if?"

With this series I'll be examining hypothetical videogame mash-ups. For example, What if Chrono Trigger was done in the Windwaker art style. Most of these will probably be art related, with drawings!

uh...Thought I had more, that'll do though! So, look forward to these...Or don't? That's what I'll be doing! along with typical blog stuff. Oh- don't expect these to be happening on a regular basis, I'm anything but consistent.

Something else I thought I'd share. I'm Graduating - as my side bar will also reveal. I'm pretty excited to get out of school and into the 'real world'. By the way the 'real world' is the same as university, with less distraction(read: assignments) I'm still going to keep learning, it'd be hard not too. More importantly I can finally catch up on a ton of games I bought but haven't been able to play. I'll give a brief update:

1. Bought Deadly Creatures on release; just beat it: Surprisingly satisfying gameplay, intriguing storytelling, ended before it got too repetitive.

2. Bought MadWorld I've only played it for about two hours, combat feels soo so good. Funny, haven't gotten anywhere.

3. WarioLand: Shake It. Pretty good, needs to be harder- half way through.

4. WiiWare: Bit.Trip.Beat, Incredible game, only on level 2. Bought Mega Man 9 when it came out, nowhere near beating that yet.

5. Virtual Console: Super Mario RPG, Secret of Mana, Mystical Ninja, Mega Man, Kirby's Dream Course, Link to the Past, and...some more. I haven't beaten any VC games yet, ugh.

6. Got Bootcamp up and running on my iMac, Tons of stuff there: A couple hours into Bioshock, got Orange Box when it was on sale and beat Portal, no time to describe how amazing that game is. Still have to get to Half-Life 2 +episodes and Braid!

7. PS2/GC gems I missed and got on the cheap. I love this generation because it makes all the last generation games so much cheaper! I picked up Shadow of the Colosseus, 11th battle. Castle of Shikigami 2, Silpheed, Killer 7, Eternal Darkness, Silent Hill 2.

9. Some retro games I bought but haven't beaten: Mega Man X, X2, Super Ghouls n' Ghosts (ya right.), Adventure Island (ya right again), Aladdin, Lion King, Kirby 64, a few NES games that are too broken to beat.

10. DS Games: Moon, Castlevania PoR, Pokemon Diamond,

Bored yet? Also- this is not me, Thanks Google!

So that is my epic backlog, most of which has accumulated during the last school year. Making a list actually horrifies/excites me a lot more than just thinking about it. There are also a number games I still want to buy! Like Kirby Super Star Ultra, Professor Layton, Punch Out!! (I can wait on that one though), I dunno, enough lists...

If anybody wants to suggest an order I should play these in, that'd be pretty cool.

So- I'm back, again. This is the second, return post I've done- not a good sign.

welcome to Perritoid,
art, games, awesome.   read

3:19 PM on 02.02.2009

10 Things about Perri you never knew you never knew.

I love Destructoid. This is the coolest, simplest meme ever. I don't know who started this but, your awesome.

These are in no specific order, just as they came to my head.

1. When I was little I used to tell people that I was going to work for Disney.

Ya, those people must have thought I was pretty cute. Cartoons fill me with a sort of awe and inspiration, always have. I think it's because of the potential they hold. I always thought I was going to be a world famous animator. Still hoping!

2. I've only ever been with One woman/girl and wouldn't have it any other way.

I have the slash in there because I met my girlfriend in highschool, we were both 16. It turns out she was having trouble meeting a 'nice guy' and confided in a friend of mine at her school. We talked on the phone shortly after and to escape the embarrassment of my home ('you're talking to a girl!') I went outside on my dad's cell (young!) and talked to her for two hours, despite the rain. We're 21 now. Love you Ro.

3. I applied to the Chemistry program at my University.

I am horrible at math. It's a sort of legendary amount of misunderstanding. I'm just not a logical sort of person. That said, I love science and applied to the Chem department at Brock [notable allumni, Dennis Dyack...] I didn't get in, thankfully. But I was at a point in my life where I was not so confident about using my art as a way to support myself and family in the future. So I decided to throw caution to the wind and art teacher. Ugh. I'm boring. To be fair though I've abandoned that too, which leads me to my next point...

4. I want to make games for a living.

I've been an art student for almost four years now and I keep coming back to games. I've done some graphic and design work in different independent projects sometimes through my old job at a university run graphic design house, and also at my current job where I'm lead artist for an upcoming iphone game. A friend and I have since begun designing a game and hope to become some sort of note-worthy indie developer. Fingers crossed.

5. I'm almost immediately embarrassed of all art work I produce.

I look back on work and just do not like it. I find myself thinking that I can do much better, that it's irrelevant and contrived. Ugh. It's frustrating. That is probably why I haven't posted anything to dtoid, despite being on youTube for the purpose of a job application. This may also explain my pessimistic prologue to the RFGO animation.

6. Pascuz46 is my FOIL and one of my closest friends. PARADOX.

Pasucz46 is a new community member, he posted a similar point in his list. We have completely different tastes in...Well frankly everything. Most music, most games. Despite our differences though we always end up having a great time together, especially when games are involved.

7. My strange obsession with Pokemon has been rekindled.

I picked up Pokemon Diamond a year ago (or was it two?) Anyways, I LOVE THIS GAME. It is flawed, sure, but for some reason, maybe it's the simplistic way it presents it's narrative, maybe it's nostalgia, or the simple mechanic that I'm raising these animals but I cannot stop playing it. I'm heading towards 80 hours, haven't beat it yet and legitimately am proud of the pokemon in my party who have been there since the beginning. That said, I get incredibly disappointed when the youngins underperform. I want to be the very best, like no one ever was.

8. I was unhealthily obsessed with Spider-Man in High School

I've always been a spider-fan, drawing him my entire life. Watching the cartoons and reading comics. When the cartoon went off air It sort of went away, when the movie came out though these suppressed feelings returned, in a big way. I was Peter Parker for Halloween 3 years in a row, I made my own mask and shirt (spandex) That were actually awesome. My gr.10 science teacher actually called me Peter, which I also signed on my tests... Maybe that's why I applied to Chemistry... Ya, It sort of alarmed my Girl friend after a year or so it stopped being cute apparently...

8.5 I Love Cosplay

Since I told you all I made a spider-man costume I should note that I've also been Link (because I am so original) and Falco (because my friend is original) for Halloween. It's pretty fun recreating those costumes! Probably going to do it every year.

9. My cat, Luna, just threw up on the couch.

I cleaned it up, crisis averted. Yes- she shares a name with Chad's Dog, but unlike his pet, shes named after Sailor Moon's cat.

10. I became a member of Dtoid years ago so I could comment on Summa's obnoxious reporting.

Ya, Kotaku actually sent me here via a link and I was intrigued by the graphics and entertaining writing. It was the early days of Dtoid and the community was young, I didn't join because I thought 'These people are AWESOME' I joined because Summa was pissing me off and I needed a voice. In my first post I said something to the effect of; He ruined joystiq for me but I won't let him do it again...blah blah blah. guess what; I won.

Sorry I'm late to the meme- AGAIN. Wish I had more pictures!   read

11:17 AM on 01.30.2009

Fragile OST available for download!

I know that there are a lot of people out there anticipating 'Fragile' well here is your chance to taste it before it comes to NA. If it ever does...Strong first week of sales in Japan though!

Anyways, part of the Majesty of all the Trailers they've given us is the incredible Music. I absolutely love the Theme, Hikari By Aoi Teshima, really sets the mood. The OST doesn't include this theme but it is not light on atmosphere. Some really nice stuff, should get you even more excited about this beautiful game [especially if recent gameplay vids put you off a bit.]

Here is the OST.

AND Teshima's Theme from the Trailers.

Have to mention that these links were provided by youTuber, NeoG0han. Yep- Neo Gohan.

Thanks! I've been looking for a long time!

and Enjoy!   read

1:59 PM on 01.25.2009

Help me make the best of my laptop.

I know. Forums are down though so I come here.

I've got a 6yr old Sony vaio laptop. Probably the worst purchase of my life. It was quite good for a year but has degraded into little more than a heavy space heater. The thing runs incredibly hot, I'm pretty sure that it's actually crippled itself because of it's P4 brain. Anyways, I've all but given up on it, I use it solely for typing up papers when nothing else is available. I've got a lot of software on it that I don't need and think I'm going to reformat.

Here's my question;

Can I do more with it?

It has a pretty nice screen which would be cool to use for...well anything else, don't know how to do it.

I was considering modding it to help it run cooler...Like a steel mesh case, but I've never done anything like that before.

What do you guys do when your computers die?   read

4:40 PM on 01.07.2009

Developers Cry out: 'Save me from Minigames.' BUY DEADLY CREATURES!

Hey Dtoid. I know my telling you what to do with your money is sort of pig headed of me and I apologize. I just wanted to get my point across.


Via Gonintendo I was made aware of an Interview on MTV's Multiplayer blog concerning developers over at THQ who are making 'Deadly Creatures'. The game looks pretty unique, and actually good, in my opinion.

This is sort of a theatrical trailer, its a little lame but it sort of encompass all that I think makes the game look promising.

The unique perspective.

How often do you see the world through the eyes of an arachnid. The environments are varied and detailed. More effort put in here than in the average Wii game, it's true. The sense of scale is an interesting change as is the lack of human enemies, which brings me to my next point...


Interesting Narrative presentation.

If you didn't notice Dennis Hopper and Billy Bob Thorton are providing voices for the only human characters in the game. They seem to have something to hid- presumably a body- and we are drip fed simple narrative points as eavesdroppers. This technique should bode well for suspense. It's something unique and I'm always looking forward to new experiences.

Buggy Gameplay.

That IS a horrible pun, yes. As far as I've heard the game runs well. Moving on, combat looks methodical, this isn't God of War, there will be no hack n' slashing going on here. It seems to depend on beating bugs in until they're weak enough for a final QTE, which may get annoying I'll admit. What is welcome though is the fact that we won't be controlling one but two different arachnids. The Scorpion is the 'tank' character while the Tarantula offers stealth game play. I'm looking forward to the mixture, hopefully they can pace it out right.


If you haven't read the brief interview I'll fill you in. Essentially the sales of this game decide the fate of this developer. If the game sells, they will continue to feed us these sorts of unique experiences, if not, they are again relegated to Mini-Games.

I'm just trying to do as much as I can to save these artists from having to create something they hate- I know how it is, its a horrible thing to be forced to. I won't lie though, this is also a bit selfish of me as I really really want to see more from these guys, and less mini-games on my Wii.   read

10:54 PM on 12.28.2008

Retro Christmas. My Girlfriend is awesome.

I always look forward to Christmas, family, friends, and new games. Alright so I'm being a bit materialistic but I'd be lying if I said I didn't anticipate at least having one new game to curl up with next to the fire.

This Christmas was awesome.

As you may have read here before- or in my sidebar... Retro games have sort of been given new life to me via RFGO. I've been aggressively collecting cartridges, mostly for my SNES and N64, but also for a system I never owned; the NES.

I've always admired the NES for what it did for the industry and, of course, for being the birthplace of a countless number of beloved franchises. I was born in 1987 and my first console was an SNES so I totally missed out on it's predecessor, until now.

As I said before I picked up some NES carts (Mario, Tetris, Excitebike) and a gray Zapper for next to nothing at Value Village despite lacking anything to play them on. I had planned on getting an NES eventually but the ones I found were a bit expensive.

My Girlfriend is awesome.

This Christmas she totally surprised me, something she doesn't often do- as secrets tend to bottle up inside her like gas until they erupt out of one orifice or another. She got me an NES, 10 games, an orange zapper, and 2 controllers!!!

No written word could describe my excitement. It was a great moment. The games came with the system and there was a pretty good cross section from legendary(good) to legendary(bad). For example, Mario 3 and Bayou Billy. Galaga came with it, and Ninja Turtles 2! - just some high lights.

Love ya Ro. Thanks!   read

1:53 PM on 12.17.2008

How do you feel about the sidebars on C-Blogs?

Hey Dtoid. As you can see I'm trying to redesign my blog as a means of procrastination (to be perfectly honest.) And I noticed that all these 'lists' I kept on the side bar were annoying the hell out of me. Nobody cares, I don't care.

So I'm asking you how you feel. Before I get " 'forum.'d " in the comments let me just say, I've done it.

Take the poll, leave me some feedback.

Lets break down this wall. The forum blog divide needs to be demolished...Plus I want to know what you think while not using blogs as forums...

What say you?   read

10:50 PM on 12.16.2008

Call of Duty: World at War Wii impressions

This may come to a shock to some people but, I rented a WWII shooter. I rented a WWII Shooter for the Wii. I kind of like it too.

Call of Duty: World at War for the Wii is not an incredible game, but it is a good Call of Duty game. Let me organize these thoughts into a few categories; Graphics, Game play, Story telling.

1. Graphics

Lets get the shallow first impressions out of the way. Graphically it may not initially impress anybody but after a few minutes one realizes that the scale is quite nice. Draw distance is pretty impressive, and there always seems to be quite a bit going on including some pretty impressive explosions, and a number of other effects. Treyarch is using an adapted CoD4 engine and thus the visuals are pretty impressive. The defining moment for me would have to be the first time entering a Japanese jungle. There was a great amount of detail put into the lush environment and the well camouflaged Japanese soldiers erupting out of the landscape were a nice touch. The game is relatively intense and the graphics really help sell the experience. The character model's aren't the smoothest and the textures pop in once in a while but it is definitely a decent representation of what can be found on the 360 or PS3.

The game takes place across a number of countries and the change in setting is truly appreciated as the environments are sort of monochromatic. These switches in locale actually do more than simply change up the visuals though...

2. Gameplay

Going from Japan to Russia not only triggers a darker graphical tone but also switches up the gameplay significantly. The Japanese terrain is comprised of tunnels, and valleys where your success relies on your ability to take cover and react to close combat. The Flamethrower is used as a way to plow through the tight quarters of tunnels or trenches but thats not to say its all run and gun. There is a nice balance struck between the methodical 'cover, wait, shoot' type gameplay and the reward - plowing through japanese soldiers with flames blazing.

Just as this gets a bit predictable though Treyarch takes us to Russia where a new type of play is introduced. Fleeing from the enemy and then taking cover to Snipe those below. I've got to say that the introductory Russian levels were what really pulled me into the game. The variety was unexpected and really well implemented. They're also thrown in levels in which you control tanks and defend against them.

2.1 Controls

The defining factor of all Wii games, control, is pretty standard here. I'm not going to get into button mapping but rather generally state that the controls work really well most of the time. The aiming sensitivity is adjustable, not to the extent of some other games out there but it is adequate. I never had problems aiming, the turning can be incredibly quick and the camera movement also has a separate sensitivity which is pretty great at helping you avoid jerky movement. A quick swipe with the remote will execute a melee attack but that is really the extent of the motion control that I came across.

Like I said, the controls work but I came across one odd quirk. The A button makes you run, which is great, However I found that sometimes it causes problems with movement. Sometimes when I hold A to run I can't or don't turn when I want too. Also, sometimes I feel like the A button toggles run. I need to give it a bit more play time to make sure, but it was acting pretty inconsistently.

3. Story Telling

I have to say I was pretty surprised by a few things about the story, mostly the delivery. A staple of the Call of Duty franchise seems to be the mission briefing happening in real time, allowing the player to control what he sees by looking around. This is still here but there are moments in this game where this simple concept becomes pretty impact full. For instance near the beginning of the game there is a moment where you awaken amongst a pile of corpses. Your vision is dark but you can see a German execute another. You can't move but you can look around and somebody notices. Another soldier was playing dead and the two of you make a break for it. This scenario evolves to become some of my favourite in the game thus far. Little touches, like being instructed to wait for aural cover so enemies won't hear your sniper rifle, help develop characters, the narrative and the gameplay in a rather seamless way. I'm pretty impressed.

4. Conclusion [with online impressions]

While I haven't finished the game yet, I've played through around six or seven hours of it and as a Wii owner I'm impressed and relieved that Treyarch has included so much here. It truly is Call of Duty: World at War, and not some arbitrary port to fill the void. The campaign is intact and running well, one of the more cinematic experiences on the Wii, while not sacrificing gameplay. More importantly though is that Treyarch seems to be one of a growing number of developers acknowledging Nintendo's online infrastructure. CoD:WaW joins the ranks of Guitar Hero, Rock Band 2, and Mario Kart as far as multiplayer is concerned. While some modes are missing the Wii version makes it online with maps and perks intact. It truly is an emulation of the CoD4 online and it works really really well. Again, Impressive.

Overall, I am really happy to see this kind of effort put into the Wii version of anything! I was legitimately impressed (perhaps because of my initial skepticism) by Treyarch's effort and hope to see Infinity Ward continue the tradition. I'd say that this is a must buy if you are a sole Wii owner like myself- If your into the genre.   read

11:38 PM on 12.09.2008

Dragon Quest X was announced minutes ago. Wii-bound!

I decided to peruse Neogaf before bed. That was a mistake as it turned out Squareenix was holding some mysterious Dragon Quest event.

I'm going to keep this short because there isn't much to be said.

"The next 10 Dragon Quest Wii" and voluntarily Yuuzi Horii, who was speciousness. "First of all you Dragon Quest 9!" People say.

That is a google translation, provided by some gaffer, of the official announcement. Some Japanese blog is live blogging it, they changed their headlines to 'Dragon Quest X coming to Wii' so unless it's a complete hoax, than that seems pretty legit. I guess we'll see later on today.

image provided by NeoGaf

UPDATE: Reuters confirms, Also DQ IX date and price.

I've never played Dragon Quest but I've always wanted to. I know this will be a huge deal for Japan, and along with Monster Hunter it seems that Nintendo has all but won the land of the rising sun.

This a big deal for you guys?   read

12:03 PM on 12.06.2008

Chrono Trigger DS [The Changes]

Let me just start off by saying that the rerelease of Chrono Trigger is something I've been anticipating since the PS1 version totally disappointed me. Chrono Trigger is my favourite game and for some reason every console launch left me saying 'It would be great if they released Chrono Trigger again on this'. The virtual console brought this anticipation back to the current generation but I then decided that a portable version would be best. I've got to say I am in love all over again- but then again who isn't. That isn't what this blog is about. Lets talk about the differences square has brought to the table.

The Interface.

Chrono Trigger looks great on the DS. It's that simple. Square made a smart choice then in taking the battle menus down to the second screen. Not only are the battles enjoyed without obstruction but the commands have all been relegated to larger buttons on a very clean and efficient interface. There is also the option of touch control which could make things even faster than scrolling through with the dpad. To this point though I will say that scrolling through techs is a little easier with the dpad, due to the smaller arrow icons. A nice addition over all though.

The main changes in this port, as anybody could have guessed, come from the touch screen. The seperation of action and interface is a welcome change and while the interface never interfered with Chrono Trigger before, it is made more accessible here, and makes for an all around more streamlined
experience. The bottom screen houses a brand new, and rather detailed map of whatever area you are in. It reveals itself as you explore the world, simple. Most notable though are the shortcuts that surround it. Instead of hitting X players can now access their inventories and even save their game with one quick press.

I can't recall if in the original you could cycle through weapons, armor, accessories and whatnot (Maybe I shouldn't be writing this? Colette should write this. Anyways! ...) with the shoulder buttons (as you can with characters) but they did it here, and it is a great way to make equipping and healing as seamless as could be. It's an enjoyable experience and just seems better organized.

The red headed step child (I love red hair, don't hate me) of these additions though is the Touch movement. You drag the stylus around on the map which acts as a d-pad of sorts. Its rather clunky and actually even sort of confusing at first. For those hoping for a Phantom Hourglass or even FFIII sort of thing you will not find it here, but who really wanted to move Sprites around with a stylus anyway?

The Translation.

One thing I was excited about, even though some were rather put off by it, was the new translation. It is based on the original but it seems very fresh to me. Chrono Trigger always had a very well thought out and intricate plot, delivered in good enough dialogue, but this really solidifies it's narrative quality. It just seems a bit less elementary, a more detailed translation I suppose. Another thing that horrified long time fans of the game was the fact that Frog was no longer going to speak in 'Olde English'. Well Frog EVER spoke in Ye Olde English, in fact what he used was a rather broken form of early modern english, Thou this and thou that. It worked when I was 9 but is a bit ridiculous- especially considering that nobody else in his era really spoke like that. In this translation though all inhabitants from 600 AD speak differently from those in 1000 AD. Frog is no different. It just enhances the setting, whether your in the middle ages or in present day dialect makes it much more apparent to the player that these characters are from different times. In short, It's pretty nifty. I like it.

So I'm not sure if what I'm doing here is highlighting these changes for people on the fence, or if I'm merely expressing how fresh the whole experience feels to me even after all these years. I'm not through the game yet, but there are 2 new dungeons which my brother tells me are very 'deep'. There are some cool little things you can do but he didn't want to spoil anything for me. I've heard others say they're a bit pointless, but they are totally optional so...I still appreciate it. There are 2 new endings (If I remember correctly) one in particular that may upset fans (or excite them...Dun Dun Dun.)

Anyways, I have to add, when I saw this site. It was one of the most exciting things I had come across online. Definitely one of the greatest things Square has ever done, and I'm glad that so many more people will have the chance to experience it and finally own it! (I don't own the original and like I said the PS1 version became unplayable for me)


Also, this is a call out to Colette, I'm specifically interested in your opinion of the port since you replay the game every year or so (If I'm not mistaken). You could probably write a MUCH better version of this than myself.   read

8:34 AM on 11.04.2008

If I'm addicted to something does it mean that I like it? [Bangai-O Spirits]

The DS is my favourite system. It has enjoyed recently, if not constantly, a downpour of games that I want/need. It would seem that this year a new RPG was announced for the platform every day. While I was ecstatic about the incoming RPGs (and other games like MOON, Kirby, etc) I found myself just excited about playing my DS, and since I recently gave up on FFIII, and needed a break from Pokemon (70+ hours?! wtf...) I head out to my local EB and was confronted by a problem.

I didn't know what I wanted to buy.

This is a dangerous position to be in...So of course, none of the RPGs I wanted were out yet; Square sat a freshly baked apple pie on the sill, but the taste FFIII left in my mouth superseded the sweet aroma that was FFIV.

I've wanted Prof.Layton for a while but I was in the mood for a traditional, sort of action oriented game, and Ninja Gaiden, used, was still $45, so that was a no-go. As an aside, I've always been a big fan of SHMUPS, I'm not any good but I'm ALWAYS looking for a good one (Haven't played Ikaruga, trying to get the GC version) So Bangai-O caught my eye; the price was right, it was a treasure game, I had heard good things- I bought it.

Bangai-O is not a SHMUP.

Well, at least it isn't a traditional one. You control a mech (awesome) and you do 'Shoot'em up' (awesome) But it's sort of an arena based game, with no story (but a very entertaining Tutorial...strangely...) The game is essentially a series of levels designed by the developer in which players must destroy designated targets. The levels are not connected in any way, there is no progression through the game (you can play any level at any time).

You can assign two weapon types to your mech, plus two special weapons but this isn't a review so you probably don't care.

Here's where my title comes in; If I'm addicted to something, does it mean that I like it?

To be honest, I was surprised to see that the game was not what I had envisioned, and initially, was disappointed, and sort of confused.

For the first time in a while I spouted forth the most vile words known to a gamer playing a game they just brought home; "I think I'm going to trade this in..." This crossed my mind within 2 or so hours of play, it just wasn't what I was looking for and I think that set me off (to be redundant). However, that night I curled up with my DS, as I usually do, (to my Shakespeare professors distress.) and decided I would give the game a chance.

Well that night something magical happened. I learned how to play the game, I learned how it worked, and of course the missile paths and bounce physics looked awesome on those little screens. I don't think I ever thought "Okay this game is awesome! I should have gave it a chance!" No, I never thought that, and I'm not sure if I think that now, a few weeks later. What happened was I couldn't stop playing it.

I became addicted, which I believe to be rooted in the games near perfect difficulty and learning curve. It kept me playing, I would get closer, better almost every time. The simple goals always seemed attainable, even though I had to restart any given level multiple times. I couldn't stop playing the game, not that night, not the next day. Treasure included many many levels, in a way one could relate it to Mario Galaxy...Hear me out.

The designers of Galaxy invented a hub that allowed them to create as many different levels as they wanted, none of them had to be connected in any way. Every idea was legitimate and successfully brought to fruition because they were not tied down by continuity, or story. In Bangai-O this process is employed aswell, developers use a set of tools to create a number of unique levels, and even puzzles- This was crucial to my addiction.

Galaxy's Design allowed for many unique levels, also, gorgeous.

So I'm still a bit confused...Does my motivation, which is inherently addiction based on smart design, mean that I like the game or simply that I appreciate the game and it's design...In writing this I think it's helped me realize that I do truly love this game.

Has a similar thing happened to anybody else? Maybe I should make a thread in the forum for this, yay or nay?

[Also, this month's topic couldn't have come at a better time. My first musing will likely be related to the game's level creator, stay tuned!]   read

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