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perri avatar 6:24 PM on 11.21.2010  (server time)
G*STAR 2010: Marvel vs Capcom 3, Killzone 3

Though Korean-made online games were easily the most common on the show floor this year at G*STAR, there was also a few big international booths. Notably, Sony and Microsoft. Both were there in typical fashion, loud, bright, claiming prime real estate, and brandishing motion controls. Move and Kinect were their major show pieces but there was other stuff there too. We didn't have time to check out Microsoft's booth unfortunately but the Sony booth was pretty awesome!

There was a bunch of released stuff there like the Sly Cooper collection and Sonic 4 [probably not released in Korea] but they also had 3D displays of Gran Turismo 5, Killzone 3 and MARVEL VS CAPCOM 3!!!

We didn't play Gran Turismo because we were busy getting in line three times for MARVEL VS CAPCOM 3!!! It was everything I was hoping for. First of all the graphics are just right. The models are fairly simple but the graphic shading against the vibrant character colours is a beautiful imitation of traditional comic book art. The animation is also spot on, everything is super fluid, and every attack has a great sense of weight to it. I found myself no longer missing Udon's 2D sprites.

The game itself plays very similarly to Tatsunoko vs Capcom, but it's a bit more straight forward. In TvsC playing with a Wii remote on its side will have you playing with a simpler interface. Moves are much easier to pull off in a Smash Bros. style of play. On the PS3 though, there is only one control method and so the game allows you to select what mode of play you'd prefer.

My fiance and I choose NORMAL mode. But simple is an option.

The game three on three is still intact and as fast paced as ever. The build we played had a rather limited play list, most notably it was missing Spider-Man. I'm assuming it was the same build from e3. Basically this game is everything you want it to be.

I played Killzone 3 the way I play every Killzone game, briefly. The demo had a 'Pre-Alpha Code' tag in the top left corner but what I played seemed competent. The snow level was atmospheric but didn't wow me visually. There wasn't much to do but shoot the odd enemy behind cover. The controls were sort of weird, there didn't seem to be a grenade button and the movement was a bit floaty. I got used to it and it actually felt sort of nice, not as jerky as other console FPSs [when I play an FPS with sticks its a disaster] and the take downs were well animated and useful. I can't really offer up any meaningful sort of impressions here as I haven't given Killzone much playtime in the past, if you like shooting things that hide, you will be pleased but the demo didn't include any multiplayer, jetpacks, or story so it was nothing new.

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