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peristalsis515 avatar 10:39 AM on 04.27.2010  (server time)
Work sucks... wipEout HD doesn't.

Before I start, I just noticed that it's been exactly one month since I wrote my first post. Holy time flies by, Batman! The reason is that I've been very busy with work, plus a couple other things so I haven't exactly been playing much. I got like a gajillion new games and they're all just started.

I still haven't finished Red Steel 2, even though I got it on launch and i absolutely adored it. I was one of the few that liked the first one, even with its flaws. This game is so much better on all levels. I like the fact that you have to play very actively to enjoy it but that's also why it's been kept shelved. I come home late at night from work and the least I want is to bust out my ninja moves. Not that I'd want to play with a classic controller, though.

Got Monster Hunter Tri on impulse buy and I'm enjoying it WAY more than I thought I would. Still, I've only been able to play like 2 hours tops, without counting the bunch of hours I wasted trying to get online. For some reason I keep getting a "connection is unstable" error, even though a speed test shows my speed is relatively ok. I blogged before about my connection issues, but I found some problems on my end and was getting some progress. Still, I used to play perfectly a while ago and lately I've had a bunch of problems. I am switching ISPs soon so hopefully I can FINALLY get into some Dtoid online action.

Don't even get me started on wipEout HD (did I get the spelling right?). I got it on the Spring Sale and it's consumed my life. I'll think about playing it even if I'm doing something else. Since I started playing I've gotten way more into electronica, even though I've always had an appreciation for that kind of music. I didn't even know there were so many sub-genres. For some reason, I always love it when games include a photo mode and I've already got tons of awesome wallpaper quality shots of this game.

Did I mention how AMAAAAAAAZING this game looks? And at a silky smooth framerate to boot.

Hoshdarnit, I can't believe how much I love my PS3. And I was one of the biggest PS3 haters. I used to think I wouldn't need one since I had an Xbox 360. Now my 360 is pretty much exclusively for playing Rock Band (it's drained enough of my money that there's no way I can switch to PS3 now... 180 DLC songs and counting...). I'm still very eager to play Reach and Gears 3 and all the cool exclusive games but having experienced great, free online play on the PSN it's hard to go back to paying for Live, specially since I hardly play online games on 360 anymore.

Sheesh, went on a rant there. Anyways, just wanted to make a quick post to let people know why I suddenly disappeared, even though I was always "OMGZZZ, letz play some MAG or something dudezzz". Holy shit, I just had to remember MAG. I think I'm still lvl 10 and I got the game close to launch. My friends that got it after me already passed my lvl in 2 days. I'm excited about the new rifle coming on the DLC. Snipers FTW.

I hate growing up. You work so you can have money so you can buy games but you end up working so much that you barely have time to play the games that you end up working so much to be able to afford. But wipEout HD is awesome.

P.S. Bonus pic FTW.

P.P.S. Just remembered that I bought the new Uncharted DLC and I still haven't even loaded the game. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU...

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