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peristalsis515's blog

3:15 PM on 06.26.2011

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition stream today

I figure most of you already bought the Arcade Edition DLC for Super Street Fighter IV but my friends and I will be streaming footage tonight from the Arcade Edition boxed copy that we got for review. We'll be at at 7:30 pm EST. We are far from the best players out there but it's gonna be fun.   read

1:52 PM on 05.28.2011

The 3DS is a little magic box of WIN

Heyyy, a new blog by me, after 20 years. I definitely check Dtoid every day, but university and work just don't leave me as much time as I'd like to play and do stuff. I just got a 3DS a few days ago (Cosmo Black, like a boss...   read

12:09 AM on 06.06.2010

Why Modnation Racers is incredibly awesome

What other game lets you be Pedo Bear, driving in a Pikachu pedomobile? That's what I thought. I almost didn't play just checking out other people's creations. I'm amazed at the kind of stuff people make. Mario Kart may still be the king of kart racing, but who doesn't like driving around as one of the Power Rangers in the Mystery Machine? Losers, that's who.   read

10:39 AM on 04.27.2010

Work sucks... wipEout HD doesn't.

Before I start, I just noticed that it's been exactly one month since I wrote my first post. Holy time flies by, Batman! The reason is that I've been very busy with work, plus a couple other things so I haven't exactly been p...   read

1:15 PM on 03.27.2010

My first post... yay?

So, I've kept postponing my first post for a looooooong time. Should I show off my room like most people do? Should I do a small bio so people can know me? My first post is nothing about that. I would just like you all to kn...   read

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