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pendelton21 avatar 6:32 PM on 02.01.2009  (server time)
One-Hundred Things You Never Wanted To Know About Pendelton

Ok, that's a lie. There's only ten things here. WOW I'M SO GOOFY.

(All of the pictures are just random photos of me, because I'm a vain bastard who likes to look at himself)

Bonnaroo 2007, rocking out John the Fisherman in front of 100 random hippies.
1. Though it has been questioned by a few of you, most people might not know where I got my name from:
I was a gigantic fan of the cKy video series back in high school. In particular, one video called "Pendleton The Cook" (which you can still find on youtube, I believe). When it came time for me to pick my internet handle, I wanted to go with something really obscure that no one else would know about. Thus, for a while, I was just pendelton_cook (with the "l" and "e" reversed, because I can't spell for shit), and then it became Pendelton21 (21's my lucky number).

2. I'm not good at being employed. Every job I've ever worked at I've majorly fucked up, mainly because I was bored at that position. In fact, I've begun writing down some of my favorite job stories, and might publish them here, if you guys wanna see them.

3. Speaking of jobs, I was just hired last week for my newest position, which I never thought I would ever attain: nude art model. Yep, every Tuesday and Thursday morning I'm gonna be standing in front of a group of Freshman art students who have to draw my dong. And, yes, my parents are very proud.

Halloween 2007

4. The only video game system I've ever kept since I originally bought it was my Dreamcast. I've had it since release day. But, due to just not having any money, I've traded every other system I've owned at one point or another. Looking back, I wish I would've at least kept my SNES. I miss that poor gray bastard. Also, along that same line, the only game I haven't traded in is Space Channel 5.

5. I love Stephen King. I don't know what it is about his writing, but it just hooks with me. I've also used the blank pages at the back of many of his books to write a few short stories. Nothing special, just things I've pounded out while bored.

6. If I could trade places with anyone on the planet Earth, it would be Jerry Holkins. That man is a fucking genius. I don't think there has been a single news post on the Penny Arcade site where I didn't stop and say "Jesus Christ, this is brilliant." If I had even a tenth of the writing ability he had, I'd be happy.

An artsy photo of me looking like a lunatic.

7. This is my first blog. Ever. I never got into the whole blog thing before, aside from some failed Xanga posts I made in high school. The only attempt I've ever made to start a blog on my own was my blog/webcomic Pretty Colors, a failed attempt at mixing coloring books and my own brand of humor.

8. My dream job is being a localization editor for one of the big-name developers. I never even knew the job existed until a year ago, when I did a project for one of my classes to find a job posting for a position you'd like to work in the future. After a search through the Nintendo website, I came across the localization editor job, and thought it would be something amazing to do later in life.

9. I have a tattoo on my ass of the logo of my college's radio station, WBGU-FM. I got it for free, and wanted to get it for 3 reasons: 1) I love that station so much, not only for everything it has done for me in the past, but because of the caliber of music played on it, 2) To impress a girl working at the station, and 3) How the hell was I gonna pass up an offer for a free tattoo? Oh, that pic of me staring at my iPod? That's me getting the tattoo. The guy filming it (long story) was actually the lead cameraman for the Buffy: The Vampire Slayer TV show. How he went from filming Sarah Michelle Gellar to my ass, I'll never know.

10. I never thought nice people existed on the internet until I came to Destructoid. To everyone from Destructoid I've either played with online, or been on a podcast with, or just had a long, arduous, quote-filled conversations with: I fucking love you guys. For everyone else, I like you, too.

But not in that way.

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