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pedrovay2003 avatar 7:48 PM on 01.31.2012  (server time)
I am so happy in the face right now. (Shortblog)

I'd like to add my personal good news to the plethora of excellent Phoenix Wright stuff that's been coming out this week. Today, I have FINALLY secured the last game in the series, which gives me the complete Ace Attorney series in one place!

It took me forever to find these games after Jonathan Holmes introduced me to the series on the Wii, and now that they've been out for such a long time, they're all crazy expensive. After months of searching, I ended up finding them at various GameStops -- all in mint condition -- for less than $20 a piece. One of the games was also a birthday gift, so I actually only paid about $70 TOTAL for the entire series.

But the centerpiece of the collection isn't any of the games, oh, no. It's this amazing stylus that was a preorder bonus for Justice for All in Japan that my girlfriend was able to track down online:

IT'S HIS ARM, PEOPLE. HIS POINTING "OBJECTION!" ARM. And I don't even mind the fact that it looks like his finger is wearing a condom!

I'm in my glory right now. If I had paid the full prices for these games (i.e., what they're worth NOW), I wouldn't be nearly as giddy. The fact that I paid next to nothing for the series is what's blowing my mind.

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