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3:40 PM on 03.19.2012

Lets Talk about Assassins Creed Revelations

Hey guys! I finished playing this game Assassins Creed Revelations just a couple of days ago and i thought that i should share my reviews and thoughts about this game. Please let me know your thoughts too. So, i have played previous assassins creed games and after playing this game in the series, i have got mixed reactions. Story of the game is weak point and this has been the case with previous games in the assassins creed series. I think, the main focus of Ubisoft montreal has been over the style of game-play and how the player performs in situations of combat with the enemy soldiers.

Ezio, the lead character can perform some really cool combats, possesses variety of weapons in his inventory. The game story plot is also not much exciting as i thought before its release. Background music is also not so interesting, but the missions which have been included in the game are to watch out. When you are in missions, you feel the interest and excitement, as many missions have reasonable difficulty level which keeps you interesting. The city is vast and geographic areas gets updated as you play the game and complete the missions. If you get bit bored of main story missions then you have the options of numerous side-missions which are available through out the city.

To assist you in the fight, you can recruit new assassins in the city. As the city shown in the game is very vast, you might want to check the map frequently to locate the places you need to go. Fun part in the game is that once you acquire the specific region, you can renew the shops there and all of the revenue gets collected in the regional banks from where you can withdraw the money after certain regular interval of time and with that money you can purchase either the landmarks (they are costly), or you can purchase or upgrade your weapons. The lead character in the game can jump on roofs, climb on the walls, can hide in the heap of grass( not to get detected by enemy soldiers), can play in stealth mode, loot the items available and many more. Also, among the new skills included in the game are the capability of the main lead character to perform air assassinations, use of special type of weapon for quickly climbing the walls of the buildings.

The game itself is very lengthy so you might get bit bored some times but still it is really good game to play. I have really liked the game.
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