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pascuz46 avatar 9:59 AM on 02.01.2009  (server time)
10 things you do not know about Pascuz46 (1/2 NVGR)

Well, since everyoneís doing it and Iím a sucker for peer-pressure, Iíll do one too to fit in. While I havenít been a member of Destructoid for a long time some of you may not really know me so this is another good way to introduce myself. Here it goes!
10- Pascuz is an abbreviation of my last name. Itís also my nick name; I also go by Scuz, Scootie, Scuzzy and others. Pascuz46 is also my PSN ID, so add me if you like.

9- I Love Nine Inch Nails. They are my favourite band. Iíve seen them three times and I canít wait till they come back to Canada for another concert cause I will be there.

8- I am Canadian and I cannot skate or ski. In elementary school we used to go on field trips to the skating rink. I was the kid that had the hand-me-down skates and needed a chair for balance to learn out to skate. I was the only kid who had a chair out on the ice and who didnít know how to skate.

7- Even though I cannot skate or ski, I love Hockey. My favorit team (and this might sound weird coming from a Canadian) is not Toronto or Montreal, itís the San Jose Sharks. When I was a young kid and wanted to grow up to be a hockey player (before I realized you needed to skate) I was fascinated with sharks and dinosaurs. So I said San Jose was my favourite team, then when it came around to when I actually started to follow hockey I stuck with my previous team choice. That is why I like San Jose Sharks, not because they are an amazing hockey team and First in the NHL right now! Can you taste that Stanley cup!? Cause I can!

6- Some of you may know a person who goes by the name of Perri on Destructoid. He is my good friend and we went to elementary school and highschool together. He told me about Destructoid and how awesome it was, so I checked out the site for my gaming info, and eventually became a member. Perri and I are opposite in a ton of ways, especially video games. Often we have arguments about video games and no matter how many times I get frustrated by what he says I still love playing games with him (Awwwwww )

Top 5 I will try to make as video game related as possible

5- My first console was Sega Genesis, while I didnít really have many games for it I loved playing sonic. I am a 2D sonic fan, Sonic (at that time) was better than Mario. Now sonic is nothing more than a washed-up musician that banged too many hookers. Even though I love Sonic, I have never beaten a sonic game. Sonic 2 is on my all time favourite games list (look to your left) and I have not beaten the game. I got pretty far! Also I havenít beaten X-Men 2 Clone wars, which I got pretty far but got stuck on the last level where its fucking impossible!

4- I love car combat games. When I had a PS1 my first game was Vigilante 8. I was and still is amazing! Then for PS2 I had Twisted Metal Black (AMAZING!) Now that I have a PS3 I am lacking a good car combat game! I want my TWISTED METAL FOR PS3 MR. JAFFE
3- Iím not a big fan of open world games. There all the craz these days along with FPS games but I really donít like them. I want that linear path like in God Of War or MGS. If I had to choose. GTA 1 for PC is my favourite. Where you were a man (despite picking gender) in a yellow shirt and brown paints and the whole game was in birdís eye view. KILLING FRENZY! What the hell ever happened to that!

2- One day I went up to my brotherís frat house for their end of the year party. It was my brothers last year and the Universities final day of the year. There was a big party and everything ( Good times) but he mostly brought me up there to help him move out some shit. So when we were cleaning the kitchen I found in the back of the cumbered a Sega Dreamcast and an N64. The dreamcast had 2 controllers, 4 games and an AV cable. It was missing the power cord, but luckily it had the same one as my ps2. We asked everyone in my brotherís house whose it was, no one knew. Someone said it probably belonged to people that where in the house before and they left it. My brother told me to take it, with some more convincing from him I did. I left the N64 because my feud with Nintendo has run to deep to stop now!

1-Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots is my favourite game of all time. I loved MGS for PS1, I beat the game over 12 times and I still love it. MGS4 wins by a hair it was really close. When I broke it down MGS4 came out on top, even the story I found to be more engaging. If MGS came out at this time with all the advancements found in MGS4ís game play Iím sure it would a different story.
Note: The videos I have put in have nothing to do with my top 10 list. They are merely a way of breaking up the all of words. Thank you for reading hope you enjoyed it.

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