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9:33 AM on 04.22.2010

Stop calling everything a GOW rip off!!!!

You know what I'm here to talk about. It's been bothering you for quite some time. you haven't been feeling as fresh as you usually do, you've been having mood-swings, and you been bleeding out your..... OH SHIT wrong conversation. sorry I thought you were my daughter. OK now that the confusion is out of the way, lets talk about this whole GOW ripoff ordeal.

in the beginning:

even though there were 3-dimensional beat-em ups before this game, devil may cry was one of the games that really helped kick-start the genre. to this day I still play it. It had everything in wanted in a game; creepy atmosphere, awesome weapons, and cool bosses. it was all good on my side of paradise until this game franchise came out.

The gods come crashing down

when I purchased god of war i was as giddy as a school girl. a game with similar game-play styles of devil may cry. I opened the disk case and placed the game in my ps2. as soon as it loaded i started kicking that sea-monsters ass. after i beat the game a part of me felt empty and confused. why would kratos join the gods and become the god of war when he fought tooth and nail to kill ares? I'm not hating on the game it's just the story isn't my cup of tea. I then just ignored the franchise afterwords, but it kept rearing its ugly head.

the descent into hell:

later on in life a devious little game caught the attention of my eye. it was game called Dante's inferno. after I played the game at an old friend of mine's house and realized that this game was similar but at the same time different to god of war. sure the game play was near identical but certain aspect of the game like the theme and morality/upgrade system kept things fresh (and no I don't mean that kind of fresh), but even with these new aspects it was still targeted as a complete ripoff. I couldn't understand there hate for the game (I mean how does it affect them in any way?), but it couldn't be helped. Now i just had to wait until the whole flamewar died least that's what i thought.

The flames continue to spread:

as I was watching the trailer for castlevania: lords of shadow I was in complete and total shock at what I saw. The castlevania franchise was actually going to venture into the 3D realm again. The excitement I was experiencing was unfortunately cut short by the GOW fan-base.there has only been a few seconds of game-play for it and fanboys are already complaining about it (hehe sounds like the sonic fanboys). Not only is the franchise older then GOW, but it also ventured into the 3D realm before GOW was even thought of.

even splatterhouse, my most dearest of childhood games is in jeopardy of being called a GOW ripoff.
is this the future? is every 3D beat-em up (besides DMC) going to be called a GOW ripoff?


We can't allow this anymore. We have to stand up for our beloved franchises and stop this fanboyism.
my voice is the only weapon in my arsenal and I will use it for good and you should to. now if you will excuse me I have to talk to my daughter about her period.(sigh -_-)

P.S. I decided to post this early because of time constraints.   read

6:10 PM on 04.20.2010

Stop calling everything a GOW rip off coming soon.

I am tired of people calling every 3 dimensional beat-em up a GOW rip off. i will be releasing a post this Saturday. until the I leave you with this picture:

P.S. Tell me what you think of this picture and what type of game would this to become. also no water levels . -_-   read

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