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pG99 says:

Reliability of Your Console!

// Submitted @ 2:53 AM on 06.20.2007

Once again, I was just wondering about the reliability of the three next gens. Most of this wondering was caused by the new comic over at
I currently only have a Nintendo Wii which has yet to disappoint or amazingly wow me. I have heard a lot about the red ring of M$, but not much about the Wii and PS3 having many technical problems.

According to a tech repairman in the fanboys forums M$ cut a few corners and used a cheap thermal paste in the 360. This can also be chalked up to gamers sticking their consoles in entertainment center ovens without ventilation.

Anyway, back to my original concern: Be it Wii, PS3, or X360 which have you had the most trouble with concerning reliability?



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