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FF Contest: Cell Splice

Ok, I tried to stay as faithful to the source material as possible. You can also probably see some parallels from other games in my story as well. Hope you guys enjoy! (BTW bold = Aeris italic = tifa and Caps = Sephiroth) Ce...


SSBB confirmed returner!

Princess Zelda is now confirmed by a new blog post over at Smash Brothers Dojo. "Just like Link, Zelda’s design has also changed. She has a slightly more subdued color scheme. Her movement capabilities are not that good, but her magic adds power to her physical attacks. There’s a reason why her hands and feet glow, after all." http://www.smashbros.com/en_us/index.html


Reliability of Your Console!

Once again, I was just wondering about the reliability of the three next gens. Most of this wondering was caused by the new comic over at http://fanboys-online.com/index.php?cid=203 I currently only have a Nintendo Wii which ...



I was just wondering why Dtoid has yet to write up anything pertaining to Microsoft paying $50 million to get the exclusive downloadable content for GTA4. This is obviously a ridiculous move on behalf of Microsoft, which would need to sell this content five million times over to break even.


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