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7:31 AM on 06.09.2008

WiiSpray: Virtual Vandalism 2008!

yet another wiimote mod..

..this time simulating spraycan motions for realtime virtual vandalism which could have been handy for games like Marc Ecko's Getting Up and Jet Grind Radio, yay!

two guys at the college of Bauhaus-Universität in Weimar Germany came up with this idea for their masterthesis and are already planing on setting up a virtual environment where one or two players can simultaniously spray on virtual walls, NO damage done!

do i smell a jet grind radio-clone for the wii?!

probably not at this time and before jumping to conclusions, let's actually wait and see when the developers of the wiispray finish their thesis and release it to the public and/or thirdparty manufacturers come up with a clone for much cheaper.
as of now there's only that one prototype of the hacked wiimote but i'm sure we can expect even cheaper wiimote-detachable cases like the WiiWheel if such a device is appreciated by large public.

buy it use it break it fix it.. technologic!

technically speaking Martin Lihs and Frank Matuse used an original Nintendo Wiimote, Adobe Flash and a WiiFlashServer for their virtual insanity, hax0red it up a little and voilĂ , a WiiSpray. once finished you will be able to choose from different caps and a color palette to fulfil all your vandalism needs and even compete or collaborate with your buddy online!

so long.. tag on!

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2:30 PM on 04.26.2008

introducing.. a new hope for dtoid (yawza)

sooooo.. i've spent some time lurking around these realms and got convinced by a friend to actually join the community and finally participate in some kind of way.. so, since i pretty much enjoy it around here...

wth, here i am!
my name is alper and i'm a 22 year old turkish dude living in a rat hole called germany (yes rat hole! damn bureaucrats.. no offense). i'm about to finish my training as a retailer so i'm a bit stressed out due to the fact that my exams are in a week and a few days.still doesn't keep me away from gaming tho. oh well..
playing games on both pc and gaming consoles since more than a decade, i'd say i qualify well as a hardcore gamer of the younger generation. as far as i can remember my first encounter with a pc game was on a 386 but i dont recall if i first started playing pinball or 'stunts'. way before that i did play games on like the NES or SEGA master system but unfortunately (or not thinking in long terms?) was one of those kids that were never allowed to own one since it would affect my school grades.

appropriate time for some juvenile-whine
years passing by and me exploring all sorts of stuff pc-wise i got my first console a SEGA DREAMCAST way after it got released in europe. and it was even a second hand purchase, shame on me.. but my younger brother sold his one, so moar shame on him! (i'm getting the feeling that this might be a family thing! oO) i dont remember whether i first got my GBA or the DC. anyway later i got me another gem, the SEGA SATURN which i still love although i just have a few games and only one controller! meeeeh..
my more up-to-date consoles are the NDS and the WII (no thats not world war II!) tho i use my NDS more for mp3 and other copyright infringements purposes.

i guess it's kinda late to say that i want to remain a mystery..
currently besides playing GW or WII i like messing around with all sorts of media stuff.. be it audio or graphics or even writing (hehey!). i think you get a general idea of who i am and what to expect from me.. (hell i dont even kno'!) i wont bore you more for now, some more specs are on the right so that should be it. oh and one more thing: either you karate do 'yes' or karate do 'no'.

(my dick is) so long!
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