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overrated44 avatar 11:50 PM on 02.10.2010  (server time)
My Expertise: Perseverance

First off, I donít quite know how to start, write, and finish this article so Iím just going to put some words down, hence the title. This is something I have wanted to write for a while just havenít really put any effort in to it until right now while Iím drinking coffee at 11:12 PM after an unexpectedly long nap in the evening. Also, I would like to point out that I am in no way insulting bloggers, considering the fact that I am one only strengthens my point in saying this. I just want to put my opinion of what I do daily in to writing for others to see and get some feedback.

Feedback, isnít it something that we all crave? Some form of attention given to us one way or another. The attention I crave the most is obviously feedback from my writing, I want someone to say something about it whether it be good or bad, and any type of response is great. Seeing as how I write for a less popular website when I actually do get a comment or two on one of my articles, itís a very exciting ordeal. I remember the first time one of my articles was actually commented on I immediately told my friends and family ďhey check this out someone actually had something to say about something I wrote!Ē It was just a piece about the sega channel, but damn it I was happy. Now when you look at ďblogĒ sites such as Destructoid, Kotaku, and Joystiq their articles get commented on hundreds of times a day and it really makes me wonder where the excitement comes from once you have made it to one of these extremely popular sites with large communities. (For the record, 9 times out of 10 I am going to go to Destructoid to read an article rather than IGN simply because I know what Iím reading there is much moreĒpureĒ than something I would find on a large corporate site such as Gamepot or IGN, this may be a slight rumor but I believe there is some truth behind it.)

I suppose another reason I write for free on any website that will have me is the possibility of one day being a common name in gaming journalism. There isnít a gaming blogger alive that hasnít heard of Jim Sterling, Anthony Burch, or Dan Hsu, and why not look up to them as some sort of inspiration. All a couple of rather young mid twenties fellows that are doing exactly what us bloggers want to do, getting noticed daily simply for putting their opinion on paper. One thing that any person alive could attest to wanting to achieve before death is the achievement of grabbing the attention of hundreds if not thousands and then the realization that those people care about you, but more importantly care about your opinions.

I donít have much to say at the end of this except that if there is one thing that I am absolutely great at, it is perseverance. Two years ago I set a goal for myself and that is to one day write for a large website or publication, and eventually this dream will be realized. To this day I have only had 4 people comment on anything that I have ever written on the website that I write for but day after day I go back to that website and write another article, and I have no plans of giving up this habit in the near future, because without perseverance I will get absolutely nowhere, but with it I can achieve just about anything.

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