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Pointing a Finger at Video Games.

Last night around midnight (I'm a night owl) I picked up the book that the UPS truck had left on my front porch earlier in the day, Masters of Doom. The incredible story of id software and their rise and fall through the ra...


Alan Wake got me to play Dead Space

In October of 2008 I went to my local game retailer to pick up Dead Space on the day of release. I had been pretty hyped about the game considering the graphic novel that had been released periodically before the release of ...


My Expertise: Perseverance

First off, I donít quite know how to start, write, and finish this article so Iím just going to put some words down, hence the title. This is something I have wanted to write for a while just havenít really put any effort in...


About overrated44one of us since 11:23 PM on 06.23.2009

Born in 1986 one of my first childhood memories is sitting around a television with a controller in my hand playing Super Mario Bros in front of my family, close to the end of the game my father had to take the controls to beat the final levels, but I got there. I love games and the industry and I am taking my love for video games and putting it in to text, from my brain to your eyes. I write for http://thegamershub.co.uk/ and I am trying to find my way in to the gaming journalism industry.

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