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Classic Console & Arcade Gaming Show

Passing along something I found today while I was planning an unrelated trip to Cleveland. Might be worth a look if you're a retro fan and looking to play or buy and in the Cleveland area on Saturday, October 24th. Sounds like there is a chance to walk away with some rare stuff, including an undisclosed unreleased NES game.


Fable 2 : Gateway drug for the non-gamer?

So last night, my soon to be wife actually expressed an interest in playing a game I had picked back up again recently, Fable 2. She doesn't get these impulses often, so I do my best to indulge them. As far as a gamer w...


Fear and Loathing in the Racing Genre

So last night I was playing Motorstorm again. No reason in particular. I find that lately I have a hard time focusing on any one game lately, which can be annoying as it may lead you to purchase several that may go sitting ...


About ouchedone of us since 7:23 PM on 03.20.2009

I'm 25 and a Financial Analyst for a large evil company that more people would hate if they paid attention to things.

I live in Ohio with my wife who by some reason still unknown puts up with my idiosyncrasies.

I've gamed for nearly 20 years now, going to the NES, and I would be exclusively a Nintendo and PC player for quite a while, until 2 years ago when I got a real job and bought a 360 and a PS3 within the span of 5 months, and have only occasionally since played the Wii.

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