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otakunoise avatar 10:00 AM on 10.24.2009  (server time)

the psychic paramount.

big business: ex karp and murder city devils, and now practically members of the melvins.

converge (one of the only bands like this worth listening to anymore. this video is fucking silly though)

torche: ex floor. there isn't a video on the internet that display how heavy this band is live. they've been doing it for years, and they've been doing it consistently better than most.

lightning bolt... on john peel.

the fucking champs. this song is called flawless victory the liner notes go like this:
johnny cage hasn't even touched you yet and you've already reached the end of the second bout. "how the myopia of stardom interferes with the rigid discipline required of a true martial artist," you ponder, ducking another of cage's clumsy power-balls. you fire off a final freeze-blast, striking your opponent squarely in his mid-section. cage is now a frozen statue, the tableau "ice adonis." "fuck him." you mutter as you deliver the coup-de-grace upper-cut, spraying your ninja's mantle with blood. grabbing a handful of hair, you lift up the head of your limp defender. " it is written in the code of the assassin that his opponents are to be humiliated to the fullest extent," you announce. giving the head a decisive yank, you feel the click of a spinal cord tearing free from its base. holding the detached head -- high above your own - the red on your clan's vestige is the only thing you will carry away from the fight.
video game related genius.

boards of canada. somebody really needs to get this band to design the sound for a game though.

if you don't like the smiths i don't want to know about it.

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