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black lodge.

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the psychic paramount. big business: ex karp and murder city devils, and now practically members of the melvins. converge (one of the only bands like this worth listening to anymore. this video is fucking silly though) to...


first blog: the day i beat ninja gaiden.

Hello all, welcome to my first blog. I assume many people post pictures of their collections, setups, etc. However, of the many random things I do own not one of them is a digital camera. I'll have to get on with that, and...


About otakunoiseone of us since 4:48 PM on 03.06.2009

i'm a 27 year old half breed asian american with a ps3, and too much time on my hands.

here's some stuff i like off the dome.

my favorite authors are Robert Anton Wilson, Hunter S. Thompson, Henry Miller, Tony Millionaire, and Chris Ware.

my favorite music to listen to comes from The Smiths, Mount Eerie/microphones, Boards of Canada, The Fucking Champs, The Fucking Beatles, and Ennio Morricone.

Games I still replay to this day are Ninja Gaiden (nes), devil may cry series, metal gear solid series, ZOE: the 2nd Runner, Dead Space, Demon's Souls, Most of the Silent Hills, Resident Evil 4, Killer 7, Katamari, and the God of War games.

I own a PS3, PS2, XBOX, NES, and PSP.
My roomies have a XBOX360, Super NES, and SEGA Genesis.

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