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optimuspriceps avatar 4:52 PM on 02.27.2013  (server time)
EA & Microsoft in the Tree...

Today had me worried. Worried as a gamer. This was quite the new experience for me in my 30 plus years as a gamer. Upon reading a link on another gaming site, a full blown chill raged down my spine. The title immediately caught my eye, with the link appearing to exude an intense humming of evil - "EA putting micro-transactions "into all of our games" Just like Pandora, I had to go and open the box, so I clicked on it.

I simply couldn't believe what I was reading. A couple of weeks before, I had raged on my You Tube channel about the inclusion of micro-transactions in Dead Space 3. I then declared that I would boycott all EA games from that point onward.... and so I have. Clearly this did not have the impact I had hoped for.

I got to the end of the article and I had the feeling that a little piece of my gaming soul had been chipped away. Like the feeling of losing your first pet, or the loss of a good friendship, my despair quickly turned into full on anger. Unfortunately, being at work and already having been warned about reading gaming websites during work hours, I went out for a cigarette. The cigarette didn't have the desired effect. It felt more like that rather dirty cigarette one has after engaging in quality, if not, meaningless sex. I felt like I needed a shower.

Now, I guess I'm going down the route of saying "well in my day you just bought the game on tape (yes I'm that old) and it was yours". All the promise and joy of not knowing what you would uncover within the game, good or bad, was one of the majestic factors which had me hook on games in the first place. EA has taken this away from me now. They have taken it away as they will be essentially telling me, before I start the game, that no matter how much I search, no matter how many levels I complete, without paying additional money I will never again have a complete gaming experience.

Why such a lament? Well, I can see this becoming universally adopted by the end of the new PS4 generation. Mark my words ladies and gents, we are not in Kansas anymore. DLC was the tedious fumble before the full blown rape of our wallets. Capcom is probably touching themselves in forbidden places as we speak in anticipation, now that EA have opened the floodgates.

So, I finished work and got home. Logged onto my laptop and low and behold, another link of the same evil ilk as before had appeared - "Microsoft prepping an EA partnership announcement for its next Xbox event". I'm not a man of faith, but in that moment, I prayed to the immortal Molyneux for this unholy alliance be stopped before it broke the laws of both Gods and men.

I feel genuinely sorry for my nieces and nephews. They will grow up with a gaming industry where they are taught one thing, one life lesson. You pay to win.

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