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ooktar's blog

4:01 PM on 02.02.2016

Waifu Wars: Lulu

Warning: Final Fantasy X and X-2 spoilers abound. When I was younger, I used to fantasize all the time about fictional women from video games and movies. Like most horned up teenagers in my day, I remember playing Dead o...   read

8:16 AM on 12.29.2015

Rebuttal: Gaming doesn't need Safe Spaces

[This isn't meant to be in any way meant to attack, bash or talk shit about Jed. This is meant as a legitimate rebuttal to the points that were brought up in his recent article and to address why people might be as riled up a...   read

10:07 PM on 12.09.2015

We aren't hiveminded haters. We just don't want to be picked on.

(This blog is simply an opinion piece about some things I've seen here recently on Destructoid and some of the opinions and attitude that has been on display by both certain readers and staff here lately. Again this is all my...   read

12:04 PM on 12.06.2015

Ooktar's Porn Reviews: E.T. The Porn Parody (NSFW)

So after posting a little joke review of the She-Hulk porn parody, I got some requests to do some other reviews of various XXX parody films because Destructoid is all about wholesome family entertainment. Well be care...   read

10:09 AM on 09.16.2015

FanimeCon Recap Part 2

I know this is like 3 month's late but as some of you know I've been dealing with some shit so I'm sure you'll forgive me. Anyways, last blog I showed off the amazing art that I picked up this year at Fanimecon, so this blog ...   read

4:25 PM on 08.09.2015

Quick Posts are such a good idea!


6:33 PM on 07.04.2015

Why Her Story works and Gone Home doesn't.

I've voiced my rather harsh opinion about Gone Home a number of times around here. I even went as far as to say it was my most hated game of 2013. I haven't touched the game since I played it back then and my opinion hasn't c...   read

7:28 PM on 05.30.2015

More Kick Ass Art: FanimeCon Part 1

Fanimecon was last weekend and I am still exhausted from it. I have never done a full weekend at a convention before and this took a bit of a toll on me. Four days is a bit much for me to be on my feet, but in the end it...   read

7:40 PM on 04.08.2015

Some cool Art Prints I got (NVGR)

So our beloved black grandmother Occam's has posted some blogs of the fantastic artwork and statues he has collected and not long ago that Sexy Muffin Seymour Duncan (I totally didn't realized that rhymed til after I typ...   read

4:54 PM on 03.27.2015

It's my Birthday! Come grab some free games!

It's my Birthday today! And what does that mean to you guys? Free Games of course! Yesterday, fellow resident GoofierBrute decided to give away a bunch of games for his birthday. So because I like to ride on the coattai...   read

6:17 PM on 03.06.2015

What's up with me and some AMA

Hi Everybody. Some people in the blogs lately have been opening up a bit about what's going on in their lives and I just wanted to take a moment to do the same. I've been having some ups and downs lately and I just wann...   read

8:18 AM on 01.02.2015

Here it is, ooktar's 15 fetishes. You filthy animals. (NSFW)

Note: There's no actual nudity in the photos, but some are still somewhat risque and the overall subject matter may be offensive to some so the NSFW tag is just a precaution. Okay you heathens. I've finally broke down an...   read

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