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So the other night I went over to Buybacks and was looking in the PS1 games when I saw this:

Thats right, a copy of Suikoden 2. Probably only the second copy of that game I've ever seen in my life (the first one was in a video store about 4 years ago).

I ask the clerk how much it is. Here's what it was priced at:

I tell him thats too rich for my blood. So, he offers it to me for $50. Tempting, I tell him, but still a bit much for my taste. So, he lowers the price in half one more time and I ended up buying it. How much did I pay, you ask:

plus tax.

Thats right, I got one of the rarest PS1 games for $25. The clerk said the reason he sold it for so low was because he felt that no one would buy it for $119. Makes me wonder if he would have changed his mind if he happened to look on ebay.

Also makes me wonder what they paid the guy who sold this to Buybacks. This is the same Buyback that had a copy of Die Hard on the NES for $114 then said they would probably only offer me $1-$2 for my copy.
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Boy this was an awesome week for gaming. Ghostbusters finally comes out, I score an early copy of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, I get my grubby little hands on a Virtual Boy and get my hands on a load of gaming deals downtown yesterday, furthering my belief that gay pride parades=good gaming deals. How could this almost perfect week end?

Well fuck...

To be honest I'm actually shocked it took this long to finally knell over and die.

Although, there are a few glimmers of hope in all of this:

a: I'll finally get to catch up with alot of my games on other systems. Killzone 2, Persona 4 and Zack and Wiki, here I come!
b: maybe I'll get lucky enough to be sent a 360 with an HDMI port, which will come in handy when I finally get off my ass and get an HDTV.
c: Maybe I'll get a 360 with a disc tray that actually opens properly and doesn't scratch my games up.
d: Maybe this one can play my copy of GTA 4 for longer than 30 minutes without getting DDE's.

So I decided to head over to a local thrift store tonight to look around. usually this one has some good gaming deals from time to time. However, this one may have had the best deal ever:


When I laid my eyes on this beauty I think my face looked something like this:

Only, you know, less adorable...

So after getting this beauty home I opened it up, put the batteries in, set it up and admired it.

So far, so good, looks like everything important came with it.

And whoever donated also included 3 games with it: Mario Tennis, Teleroboxer and Virtual League Baseball. This could be the best day ever.

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8:31 PM on 05.12.2009

I meant to post this a few weeks ago but I got lazy. Anyways, here's the stuff I picked up last month.

BTW, sorry for the blury pictures on most of these.

Got these at the start of the month. Godfather 2 is good but it feels like too much like the same thing over and over to the point where I can only play it for 20-30 minutes at a time. LSL might be one of the worst games of the year. But hey, it was only $20 and it has Patrick Warburton in it so I can't hate it too much, no matter how hard I try.

What I got during Gamestop's Game Days sale.

Got these 3 around the same weekend for about $40 each.

Got all this at a thrift store. When I saw the Pump It Up, I originally thought it was a bootleg like the ones you see at flea markets.

Picked all these up from Gamecrazy's bargain bin

Got these from a local game store. Thing is, after I took these pictures I found out the Digimon game did not work so I took it back and exchanged it for The Outfit (X-Box 360) and Enter the Matrix (Gamecube)

Got these at a Buybacks. Got a great deal on FEAR 2, it was less than $30.

Got these from Best Buy's $10 sale.

Got these by price matching BB's ad at Wal-Mart. GTA is the first DS game I've bought since September (and the second I've bought since getting an R4. Yeah, I know, I'm a horrible person. Although, I do plan on soon buying Henry Hatsworth, Super Robot Wars OG Saga and for some unexplainable reason, Lux-Pain). Funny thing is, I'm enjoying Chinatown Wars a whole lot more now than I did on my R4, although that may be due to being able to play it for more than 4 hours before my ds battery dying.

Got these on clearance at Blockbuster.

Got these at another thrift store.

Finally, picked this up around the end of the month.
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I own all 3 of the current gen systems, and while I love my PS3, I am really starting to get pissed off with something it does. When I bought my PS3, I got the 40 gb version because it was what I had the money for. When I bought it at the time I had heard that some games, such as Metal Gear Solid 4 and Devil May Cry 4 were starting to require mandatory hdd installs. Now, at the time I thought nothing of it and thought those two were special cases. Now, it seems like anytime I see a game I would like to get on PS3 rather than 360 there seems to be a mandatory install of about 3-5 gb.

When I bought my PS3, I thought it would take me a good 2-3 years before I got it even close to being full. Now, owing games such as MGS 4, Fallout 3, Skate 2 and Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm, my hdd is practically full. Its gotten to the point where the hdd installs are becoming a huge factor in whether or not I buy a game on PS3. In fact there's several games, such as Resident Evil 5, HAWX and Wanted: Weapons of Fate that I much rather would have bought on the PS3, but instead bought on my 360 due to an install of 3-5 gb.

And now its starting to get to the point where some games don't even tell you if there is a hdd. I just bought Wheelman the other day because I enjoyed the demo and it was on sale for $40. Before I bought it I took a look at the required hdd space and it said it required 2990 kb. However, I went to put it in and had to delete some items from my hdd drive because it needed an extra 5 gb for an install. Way to fucking let me know that before hand Ubisoft.

Now I know that Sony has no problems with people upgrading their hdd's, but I hate the fact that it seems more like something we the consumers are forced to do just to be able to play games on the system. The hdd installs are starting to become a huge pain in the ass for people (such as myself) who isn't exactly in a rush to upgrade our hdds. The worst part about the installs is that we have no say in them. If a developer wants to force a 5 gb install on us we have no choice but to take it. It'd be great if the games that do force the install could follow the example that Ninja Gaiden Sigma and Unreal Tournament 3 did, offer optional installs.

So, in short, hdd installs suck, are a bane on the PS3, and I hope the people who keep thinking that they're a good idea get eaten by The Great Khali.

Well, maybe its not as awesome as a boomer in a thong, but damn if it doesn't come close. This ingenious mod replace all the zombies moan, screams and grunts that we know and love and replaces them with the melodious sounds of the Macho Man Randy Savage. Okay, so really its not all that great, but it does give me an excuse to make up my own backstory about how the infected are really the result of the government trying to create the perfect opponent for Triple H at Wrestlemania XXV.

I do have to admit there are 2 things wrong with this mod. First, at no point do any of the infected deliver a flying elbow. And second, how can you have a mod related to Randy Savage without this playing in the background: