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omicron1's blog

9:03 PM on 12.27.2011

A response to "review controversies"

Dear Mr. Jim Sterling, you are an opinionated man. This is fine; so are we all. Most of us, however, have the good grace to hide it when in the public sector. We may go around insulting the (insert political party here) in th...   read

8:58 PM on 12.24.2011

Call of Duty is a videogame. No more. (So why does it get all the attention?)

Call of Duty is short, multiplayer-focused, and compares horribly (at least in the eyes of us PC gamers) to more modern designs like STALKER and Crysis. Yes, both Half-Life 2 and CoD are linear, but there's a world of differe...   read

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