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10:37 PM on 10.25.2011

Topscore - Characters that are cooler than you

In this edition of Topscore, i will talk about those supporting characters that are cooler than the player's avatar. In short, here are those kind of individuals who make you jealous that you can't play with them, always showing that they can do things better than the protagonist, or simply, do things with more style.

For a sidenote, i know i've been away for quite a while. I will try to post with some regularity. English is still a third language for me, so any advices in that regard are welcome, i keep feeling that the sentences are not really on par with the original text (in portuguese).

8 - Diddy Kong (Donkey Kong Country)
It's not that I think the mini Kong is cooler than his uncle, not at all, but it is undeniable that he is more useful, especially in the last game, Donkey Kong Country Returns. Playing with the DK in the co-op mode is like playing in the hard difficulty. After all, as DK you have to do all his jumps by calculating his distance and you cannot count on Diddy's Jetpack. Also the little monkey has the privilege of using firearms, this is unfair competition.

7 - Tails (Sonic 2)
I made it clear in the first Topscore why Sonic is a great lame-ass creature! He was supposedly cool in in the 90s, but since the sequel to his first game where he had to save more critters in the forest, he found a partner better than himself, Miles Tails the fox. And despite the marketing advertising that the hedgehog was the fastest pet in the forest, the two-player mode denounced the truth: Miles was able to run as fast as Sonic, and worse, he knew all the same movements. But besides acting as an exact copy of the protagonist he still had an extra power: Tails can fly .... Poor Sonic ...

6 - Zero (Mega Man X)
When the X series was created, the idea was that it was different from the original Mega Mans, not only in history, but also with the new characters. Zero was designed to be the new protagonist, but in the end, Capcom opted for a design more similar and recognizable. Zero turned into a kind of co-star: "He is the guy who steals all the best scenes "said the creator of the game. Zero is a robot like Mega Man, but way cooler.
Only one argument is needed to prove this thesis: He uses a Light Saber.

5 - Garrus (Mass Effect)
Look, I have to admit up front that I'm a big fan of Commander Sheppard, but i do believe that good part the majority of the supporting cast of the game is as interesting as the main character. Garrus is not my favorite character, but he is certainly the coolest. For starters, he is a Turian, the race with the greatest military power of The Galaxy. Otherwise, he has all the right ingredients to be the coolest guy in Normandy. He is a expert in long distance combat with rifles, he has that rebel attitude of doing justice by any price, he had half his face destroyed while eliminating a hundreds gangsters in the most dangerous planetoid in the galaxy and is so absolutely frightening for the bandits, that they known him as the Archangel, a instrument of divine justice.
Garrus, every time I put you out of my team it was my fear of being forgotten and outshined by you.

4 - Falco Lombardi (Star Fox)
As a child, I always liked Falco. I don't know why, I liked Fox as well, but Falco was the only member of your team that could be useful in a ship. Added to this the fact that in the history of Starfox, Falco graduates to the squad as the best pilot of the Lylat System. Moreover, the fact that he throw in Fox's face all the time how much he is "the best". Today, reviewing the lines of the character, he sounds more like an asshole than someone cool, but we must admit that Falcon carries a certain fascination among the players. He is the only character that appears in every Star Fox game and made significant appearances in Super Smash Bros. And we have to agree that Fox is too passive with a guy that passes all his time screwing and criticizing him, making Falco a lot more cool and hip than the main protagonist.
Even when you save him, he makes fun of you: "Geez, I've been saved by Fox How well."

3 - Ghost (Modern Warfare)
Ghost is the coolest guy operating in the 141 Taskforce. Whether by his cinematic entries, or for his mask that shows death to the enemies, or simply because he is an extremely reliable companion to have at your side.
In fact, Ghost seems to become more popular every day , surpassing the rest of the cast of Modern Warfare 2 (Soap, Roach and Price, because all the rest is disposable). The character has gained a lot of media attention recently, to the point of being the protagonist in a comic book about his life before the taskforce. That are few things that are cooler then a balaclava with a painted skull.

2 - HK-47 (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic)
In a much better game than anything that was done with Star Wars in recent decades, this android became an iconic figure today, figuring in almost every list of best characters of the 2000s. HK - 47 is a robot murderer who hates living beings, but is obliged to work for them due to his programming. The HK-47 dialogues always show some bright, excellent sarcasm, he invariably tries to convince your character every minute to commit genocide. Without doubt one of the best characters in the Star Wars universe, always ready to end all "meatbags" for you.

1 - Frog (Chrono Trigger)
Frog is the coolest supporting character ever created, and he will always be better than Crono. The protagonist of the game does not have a meaningful personality (and he is mute) and a compelling background. Frog on the contrary, is an eloquent and powerful medieval knight. Originally Glenn, squire of the fearless Sir Cyrus, he waged a ceaseless struggle against the evil Magus. Until one day the villain finally killed the hero of the realm, and turned his squire into a frog. Even stuck in this form, he didn't gave up and became a mighty knight, the main warrior of his Kingdom, worthy to carry the sacred sword Masamune.
Besides all that, the "Frog Theme" is one of the coolest and most epics songs ever written for a game. Worthy of the bouncing hero.   read

5:32 PM on 05.09.2011

Double Wronged: Microsoft and Sony in the Hack crisis

I like to think i am a good internet user. You know i keep multiple password for my dozens accounts, keep the last updates of all my anti-virus and so on. Unfortunately when the PSN hack occurred i thought i was safe, since i don't have my credit card information stored in there. I was wrong.

I guess i was wrong to think i am a good internet user, i didn't think for a minute when the gaming press told us that a lot of personal info was stolen. Sadly, for me, my PSN account was linked to my only email with the same password. I got lucky because it was an older hotmail that was redirected to my true email (which has a very different password).

Even if I did not use it to send emails, since it was my oldest email, it held most of my services (like amazon, paybal and ebay). I managed to enter all my services accounts at time (which had different passwords) and redirected then to my central email, but it still is a huge blow. I lost a lot of my oldest contacts, and some pretty neat people only knew that email.

Now i'm having a different fight altogether, Sony fucked up and Microsoft doesn't seem to have more competence than the competition, Windows Live ID is a really bad service to ask help too. I can't use my secret word because someone tried too many time with the wronged answer, so they created a forum to try to verify my identity.

I posted a lot of information on that forum (since the email was redirected to my real one, i have access to more than 10 years of mails from my older hotmail account), i have full access with all the services that were linked to this email and i have my id, older passwords, everything i can to prove that i am the owner of the email.

Microsoft just keep giving me automatic answers and i can't seem to grab the attention of a human employee to read my pleads in days, it didn't work to call or use the chat resolution, both of them directed me to the forum with the automatic answers....

Well... I think i will just play some Nintendo Wii now....

Ideas?   read

10:32 PM on 02.28.2011

Topscore - The Worst Endings in Games

"This column has really no purpose, do not think it's serious. Also, this is my first time really writing something in english, so i would appreciate some tips."

In this Destructoid debut, Topscore will present many spoilers. That's right, we will destroy the bad endings that some lazy gamers never got to. So get ready, because that are many good games here and we hope that the miserable and ungrateful ends will not discourage you to try them out.

8 - Batman: Arkham Asylum

Despite being the best game ever made that is based on comics, Arkham Asylum lost some of its strength when we get at the end of the game. The first thing that disappoints us is the very final fight, instead of facing the joker in the traditional way (a lunatic with weapons, knives and lethal toys) we are transported to the world of Resident Evil when the clown of crime decides he is a Wesker cliché and inject the T-Virus in himself. What we see is an uninspired fight that does not use the important features of the greatest villain of comics. In addition to this cold water bath, we have an one minute end that just shows the dark knight leaving for the night. Boring!!

7 - Super Mario Bros.. 2

No list of video games can be complete without a Mario game. Nothing's better for this Topscore then the ugly duckling of the series: Super Mario Bros. 2. Obviously this is not a bad game, but we all know today that it was originally Doki Doki panic re-paged to the incapable American public, which could be stuck forever in the first level of the Japanese version of Mario 2, given its nightmare difficulty.
It's good to remember that this game was the second entry in the series, so nothing seemed wrong with it at the time of its release, but subsequent games have confirmed that there was something really different about the western Mario 2. The developers themselves knew the weirdness of the game and then decided to give the worst possible ending to this fun Mario.
After hours and more hours to finish it, we discovered that in fact it was all a dream of Mario. How much more ridiculous than this can we get? Well, apparently ... much more ...

6 - Sonic

Former Sega's mascot was sold for children in nineties like he was some kind of cool and radical dude. Unfortunately, they forgot to tell this to the writer (Sonic has writer?? What a joke!), so he made the whole game based on the idea of saving some helpless critters that evil Robotnik captured. At the end of the game, this mask of an blue pet anti-hero fell on the floor, as all that remained was a happy hedgehog wearing tennis with his little critters friends celebrating the victory in the forest. At least Mario had earned a kiss from the Princess, which is more cool than a funky party in the woods.
Important to note, when Sonic started gain some romantic duo in his 3D era (or the Dark Ages of the porcupine), one of them were a human female, which always struck me as some kind of bizarre japanese bestiality (or Interspecies Erotica).

5 - River City Ransom

This classic beat 'em up presents a serious problem that plagued some early classics of the NES. Endings with insipid text messages. Although this is a relatively common problem at the time, River City wins the others for not writing anything relevant about the game or the characters (The first Ninja Turtles, for example, said that with the defeat of the Shredder the adventure of the Turtles came to an end). When you reached the end of this Classic you were presented with a black screen that read "Congratulations," followed by a simple "The End". Nothing could be more frustrating, especially if we think that the Mario games (in the early NES era) had a final with some animation in 1985.

4 - Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

Although the story of Uncharted is pretty cool and the game is really good, but I cannot deny that in the end I was getting increasingly irritated with Nathan Drake bizarre desctrution complex. First, he starts killing an innocent native people who are only trying to protect their land, so far so good, after all they attacked first. But this land is a lost and harmonic paradise unrivaled on the planet. And what Drake makes of this place? He explodes it. This is the real difference between archaeologists and adventurers, the first want to preserve things, the latter only want to use these things as luxury MacGuffins for their stories. The end of Uncharted 2? Nathan saved a boring woman, and then leaves a beautiful and innocent civilization dying forever. If he had at least finished the game with the hot one (Chloe), maybe, and just maybe it would be worthwhile.

And I must say it. It was a greater evil and all that, but Nathan did kill an entire nation to get one man, how come he still prized as hero?

3 - Halo 2

Halo 2 is dismissed by many as having an rather vanilla scifi campaign, which doesn't grade this game down for its big merit, the multiplayer. But nobody could comply with the "marketeer" ending that appears in the second game of the series. Why is Halo 2 on this list? One of the worst things you can put in a ending is to have no end at all. There is nothing closed or resolved, there is not any sort of conclusion out of the huge cliffhanger for a sequel made $ 60 after. In the end, this sub-clone of the popular scifi FPS Half Life 2 ends up proving that he never learned a lesson so common in its genre, which is the second part is always the best of a trilogy (after all, we all know that the Empire Strikes Back is arguably the best Star Wars).

2 - Gex

Does anyone still remember this stupid lizard that represents the worst of the hype of the 90s? He appeared a little time after the success of Sonic and "radical" attitude (I have to admit that Sonic was a success because of the excellent game play and not because it looked "cool"). Gex is an attempt to the "Nice and cool" mascot that went wrong. Apparently, the developers knew they had a bomb in his hands and presented his players with some cute messages. The "lucky" one who ended Gex was forced to read things like "you happen to have a life? Or you play games all day?", "Just imagine everything you could have done with the time you spent in this game?"and "Take off your superhero pajamas and go do something." Wow, a game that insults you when you finish it. I confess that I agree with Gex on one thing: think of everything you could have done better instead of playing this awful game.

1 - Prince of Persia 2008

After the great revival of the prince in the PS2 generation, Ubisoft hads promised a even greater reboot for the next consoles generation. What we won was an extremely boring game where losing was impossible and to continue was inedible. Still, if you made a great sacrifice to finish the damn thing, eventually you will find one of the worst endings in gaming history. Prince of Persia is worthy of our first place because it combines a very bad end to a stupid idea made to exploit the consumer.

In the plot of the game, the Prince has to regenerate various parts of a realm along with the enchantress Elika, ending the corruption spread by Ahriman. After this long journey, during the final struggle, through the sacrifice of your companion, the great evil is finally defeated. But as the prince has a big crush on the girl, he decides to destroy the tree of life, which eventually would return the power sacrificed by Elika bringing her back. Without the tree, however, Ahriman is also back, as the corruption of the land that was the initial problem. The Prince flees to the desert with his witch and the game ends.

This means that every hour you spent in the game had no use at all since everything is broken again in five minutes. Knowing how bad and inconclusive was the end of the game, Ubisoft released a few months later for ten dollars an additional real end, an epilogue to this crap game. I cannot think of a worse option, release a really boring game with an ending that says that all you did wasn't worth anything, and then charge ten dollars to give him a true ending. Thanks for treating us like idiots Ubisoft!   read

9:16 PM on 02.28.2011

The Beginning

Hi, my name is Felipe Velloso and it's been an awful lot of time since I started reading Destructoid. As you can probably tell, i am no native english speaker, so I hope my English can keep up with my difficult task of bringing my work to this site.

In Brazil i am one of the editor and main writers of a website called Ambrosia, which is more like IGN then Destructoid in the sense that we also write about movies, comics, tv, music and other things. I was also, for some time, the editor-in-chief of a gaming review site, unfortunately the administrator couldn't afford a good team of reviewers and we couldn't make a big website with only three writers.

The thing is... I really love my language and everything, but i rarely read something in the net that it's not in english. The biggest, and most of the times, the best articles are in english, and if i want the rest of the world to read my work, i got start to write in this language. So this is it. I will begin translating some of my work with games, and i hope that in the future i can start to bring new things.

So... Please to meet you! Hope you enjoy the trip!   read

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