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odber avatar 7:09 AM on 05.17.2010  (server time)
RetroforceGO! 3-year commemoration: poster, history

So it has now been 3 years since the first episode of RetroforceGO! was posted on Destructoid and to commemorate that I made a poster in honour of the most entertaining podcast involving retro video games. Finally something to put on my empty wall. I'm not leaving RfGO! alone just yet, there's still one more project that I have developing in my mind involving a certain shoop I made loong time ago.

So about the making of this poster. The first idea I had was to have the whole thing split into 2 posters. This was because of my limited use of printing solutions at first. But soon after finding out that making A2 prints in the university print was rather cheap that changed things. I even had it laminated. Choosing what showpost pictures to use was a struggle in itself so I ended up with three different designs. One with the original pictures, the second with some pictures traded with their "recording" counterparts, and the third with the FFIV picture switched because of visibility issues. If you still want something changed, leave a comment. You can download the posters at my pics account or at my mediafire folder: folder for posters
mediafire folder for posters

the "final version" of the poster, "poster412"

After finishing the poster project it was time to look at history what had happened / what games came out on this glorious day of May 17th. With some browsing on wikipedia here's what I found:

Bonanza Brothers (Genesis); May 17, 1991 (JP)

A shooter, platform game where two brothers are robbing people of their possessions while avoiding guards moving stealthily in their homes. In the western versions they were changed from thieves to "security system testers".

Fuzzical Fighter (Famicom); May 17, 1991 (JP)

Now this is an interesting one. A side-scrolling shooter with rpg elements. In between stages you are in a town where you can upgrade your ship, buy items or warp to different stages. The ingame portraits are hilarious and the first boss was cool. Might play later further than the first stage just to see what kind of crazy things await me.

Palamedes 2 (Famicom); May 17th, 1991 (JP)

A puzzle game where the objective is to pick the correct dice in a set before the evergrowing stack reaches the top.

Road Rash 2 (Genesis); May 17th, 1992

A racing game with soundtrack by Rob Hubbard. I found it rather enjoying to crash and then having to run back to your bike instead of respawning back onto the road.


Flipper was released in the movies on May 17th, 1996. Can't be a coincidence. This could make for a great summer movie with some pizza rolls and a slurpee to wash it down with. Now if only I could get either one here in Finland...

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