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odber avatar 10:22 AM on 04.13.2010  (server time)
I Make Stuff: Cave Story soundtrack, cover art

What do all games with amazing music have in common? Or at least they should have. A soundtrack to put on your shelf! Cave Story is no exception to this. So I took it upon myself to create such a thing for you because that is just how much I like Cave Story.


Now that I've got your attention I thought I'd first tell my tale of me and Cave Story. The first time I heard of it was a year back in IRC when a friend began furiously posting comments of his attempts at Hell. A month ago by some idea I downloaded Cave Story and at the end of the day my first playthrough was done. Soon after the very same person who I first mentioned played CS in his livestream account with hilarious and insightful commentary. Then began my journey in Hell. It was a week or so struggling to get past the middle boss. Ballos came down fairly easy after extracting my skills learned by watching speedruns of said boss. Currently I'm in the middle of playing the game with various achievable weapons.

After finishing the game itself I've been obsessed with everything related to it. Listening the soundtrack daily, downloading remixes and browsing through countless pages of fanart. I look forward to the corrected version of the wiiware iteration coming to Europe this summer.


Last year I developed a habit which is evident of my post from december. I like to give something back to people who keep me entertained. And this project was not an exception giving me the spark to truly start on this. I have already mentioned this person a couple of times. Just recently he finished his 3hp run in CS and before that we got to marvel him mastering Super Ghouls'n Ghosts obtaining the true ending. He will soon get this in the mail along with another item pertaining to his hobbies.

Finding source pictures for the covers was not a hard task as Pixel made the game's image files readily available in the 'data' folder. The back picture was extracted from the bgm player and the inside text was modified from the one found at Miraigamer's Cave Story site. Pixel logo on the cd was found on an older version of his site. What was the hardest in this was to place Ballos as close to the center of the cd as possible. But after many versions it's pretty close. For the cover of the actual cd I first envisioned to use the colour scheme from the logo but it soon became apparent that making a sticker label would not be the smartest thing. So I settled to use the LightScribe option. In the end I'm very pleased with the outcome of this project.


As for the music I couldn't find a proper collection of it. What I did find was a lot of music recorded from the game itself as shown by the fading out of the previous track in song #2 found in many existing ones floating around the net. So I downloaded a program to convert the .org files from the game to .xm and from that to .mp3 and finally on to the cd. You can download my rip of the music here.

And finally here you go. The files to print your own Cave Story cover art. Alternatively you can get the files here

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