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As I reflected on the topic of sex in games, the quest "Wang Dang Atomic Tango" from Fallout: New Vegas popped into my head. To help out a bar in Freeside, your quest is to find them three new prostitutes.

First, they're seeking a male prostitute, so you find a homeless man who used to work as a male prostitute to get by, but then made a respectable career for himself and swore he'd never return to such degrading work. He's since fallen on hard times and so you convince him to swallow his pride and get back to his old tricks.

Then, you're tasked with seeking out a cowboy ghoul for a customer with a fetish. You find someone meeting these qualifications serving as a guard for the Followers and convince her to give it a go as well.

Finally, another "customer" (possibly one of the co-owners of the bar) has requested you find a sex robot. You find one named Fisto around Freeside and fix him. Then, you're given the opportunity to "test him out". If you're anything like me, you go for it. The screen fades to black and you hear a few construction sounds. Then, you escort Fisto back to the bar and the bartender is quite excited. I mean, just think of the possibilities!

This quest is outrageous and silly and it fits the vibe of Fallout: New Vegas perfectly. Perhaps more serious games should take a more serious approach to the topic of sex. But, for New Vegas, I feel like this was a great way to explore the topic. I've seen a few blogs about how games have gotten the sex thing wrong. I just wanted to share this as an example of a game that, I think, got it right.

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