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Remember Screwattacks "my vids dont suck" contest? No? Well, we were in it! And now we are back to give you more ridiculous movietrailers based on videogames! Next up is Crimson Steel, based on a classic videogame about bricks!


Will I be killed if this is not exactly about videogames?

I just wanted to tell you guys that I have started a youtube channel where I review movies. Right now I am doing a Jackie Chan Marathon and I am working on the third part as I am writing this. Here's the second part: If you like it please subscribe since I will be doing these ones quite a bit from now on.


Help a Fellow D-Toider!

Some of you may have heard of www.screwattack.com Some of you may even love them. Some of you may hate them. Some of you may have heard of their "MyVidsDon'tSuck"-contest. The contest is basically a content-creator contes...


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