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6:32 PM on 02.17.2008

Any chess dorks here?

i just found this

it's about damn time   read

3:19 AM on 02.17.2008


because everyone hated my version of "the final fantasy" and the fact that i was about 8 months too late to publish for consideration, i'm making my own contest!

there are no rules; i dont give a shit what you write about.

however, i will select a winning story that is ORIGINAL. the winning story will be ground breaking and must have some actual connections to the Final Fantasy series. any work or quotes must be credited and use them at your own risk. if any part of the story is stolen, it goes in the trash. you may write only one entry. if you wish you can just start the story off without even finishing it. it can be as long as your imagination can handle; but i might not finish it if it sucks. i will pick a winner 1 month from now, so you have pleanty of time to write something decent.

i'm new here so please let me know if i am putting this "contest" in the wrong area.

oh, by the way, the prize is a brand new PSP, shipped free of charge directly to your house.
so get off your ass and write something   read

4:44 PM on 02.16.2008



adam is running up the cold hill as he struggles to keep from collapsing. for years he has loved jogging alone in the damp wilderness. you see adam is not like you or me. in fact he is not like anyone; because adam runs untill he faints.... untill his body fails him. he loves the feel of frozen cheeks and burning leg muscles. for all of these years he has been searching for answers in these mountains and hills, and all his has found is physical pain. and he finally found a place to call home.

as i have said, adam is not like anyone. he see's and interacts with people and objects that are not see; adam is crazy. his best friend at school is kismet, a sweet girl who seems to love everyone. the sad fact is she is not real and adam knows it all too well. he use to believe truely in her, but his grandparents and doctors have told him over and over again that she is not really there. consciously he will not admit that she is imaginary, even at his present age of 20. but deep down, subconsciously, he knows that kismet and the other things he sees are simply not there.

the reader is likely wondering why adam runs untill he passes out, and why on earth would anyone want to pass out on purpose? the physical pain blocks out his delusions and he doesn't see the darker spectors that appear. once he stops running and the spectors desapear, he can't stop for fear of seeing them again. these are not the garden variety ghouls, or delusions pretending to be normal people. the spectors are hunters, and they are horrible to look at. whenever they appear, they haunt adams mind and demand that he join them; pleading for his help in finding the crystals.

as adam grew older, he started to see that maybe these things were not real, but if you are told the same lie over and over again, it's almost impossible not to believe it, or in this case see it.

kismet was he only friend, she was the only one who would help him hide from the spectors. even thought adam's grip on reality is tenous, and his friendship with kismet; fraudulent, it was all he had. what adam didn't know was that this fantastic world of his would would take hold of him...and everything around him. this world of his was as real to him as anything; everyone just assumed that worst about him and his "playmates." and to make matters worse, he was having nightmares, which he hadn't has since he was a kid. they were the same nightmares; hunters chasing him and kismet being murdered in front of his eyes. adam refuses to join the spectors and find the crystals-of-life. in the dream, this is usually where the spectors try to kill adam and he wakes up in a cold-sweat. but this nightmare ends differently, kismet comes back to life and the spectors vanish. she smiles softly and walks next to adam. he listens to her speak and is shocked. according to kismet, his imaginary friend, who is infact in a dream of his; told him the most incredible thing. kismet whispers into his ear gently: "this is the real world. the dream world is where your grandparents live and where you work monday through friday." there is no floor below his feet, just cold empty space, and kismet is sofly smiling walking hand in hand. he feels like he wants to faint again, but he cant, something is preventing him from doing it. "adam, the spectors have wanted your help for some time now, and everytime you turn them down. even though i've been protecting you, it was your choice to make. i could not force you. adam the world is about to flip upside-down. i am stronger then you might know, but i can not keep them from entering the dream-world any longer. they are comming, and everyone living there is in danger."

they continue to walk and the rest of thier discussion is unknown. but adam could not help wonder, if at this very moment, he was in a dream or perhaps a "dream of a dream."

so our hero "wakes up" and the story begins.   read

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