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nycexc3's blog

11:30 PM on 11.27.2008

Avatar Crossing

So I just read the front page article about Rare wanting to get more involved with this new avatar system the NXE has brought us. Me and my friends have been talking lately about how the avatars would be a great way to get Microsoft tapped into the casual market. I recently bought Animal Crossing: City Folk for the Wii, and oh so many times had i wished i was playing on Xbox Live. None of my friends own a Wii (or had one then sold it.) so im not going from villiage to villiage collecting and conversing with my pals...instead im stuck alternating the controller with my girlfriend (man i wish they included local co-op). So as im talking with my friends about this "Avatar Crossing", we come up with several great ideas that would sell like hot cakes im sure. First of all, imagine Animal Crossing with achievements, no better way to utilize achievements than to stretch them out and reward you for collecting EVERY SINGLE GOD D@MN BUG, FOSSILE, OR FISH. I admit, playing a game without achievements is almost like going to the donut factory and not getting a free sample, there's no point. Also, playing over Xbox Live would allow better use of online play. Easily go to and from your friends village, no friend codes to deal with. Xbox Live would also allow better online events to take place. Have a big community thanksgiving dinner, have strangers gather around the big christmas tree in town, being able to ACTUALLY trick or treat from house to house, or even recreate Microsofts awesome water balloon commercial, so many possibilities. But, i feel as though my dreams will never become reality. Who knows, maybe Rare will wise up and make something totally kick ass. I just kinda feel like if someone does use this will feel cheap, shallow, or gimmicky. Well heres to hope, huh?

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