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nukka jdav avatar 9:30 PM on 01.29.2009  (server time)
TheCollegeGamer Podcast Ep. 9: God of War/Armando Loves RE5 and is lying if he denies it...

It's that time again. Time for TheCollegeGamer Podcast!! SHI-QUAWWWWWW!!!!! Alright, this week was all about God of War and whatnot. I think we talked about it at least. Everything is a blur with those kids I swear. Is there such a thing as a podcast roofie? I hope not...oh god...OH GOD....PODCAST RAPE!

Well in essence thats what our show boils down to: Podcast Rape.

This weeks podcast rape includes...
- Left 4 Dead While Frosting A Cake?
- Armando Sounds Nothing Like Samuel L. Jackson
- Random God Of War-esque Shouting
- Pendelton Faps Over Idea Of New Jonathan Blow RPG
- James' Roomate Is Seducing His GF In The Background
- Armando Drops Some GTA IV DLC Knowledge
- Quick Time Even Sex FTW
- We Pray To Raptor Jesus And Newborn Baby Jesus For Armando's Ankle

"I'll never forget this dad!"

*Son leaves*

"I will...I will..."


If anyone recognizes that quote I'll sex them up and down.



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