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nukka jdav avatar 5:38 PM on 01.18.2009  (server time)
TheCollegeGamer Podcast Ep. 8: Half-Life Love Edition Records Tonight

Tonight the three boys (Armando, Gary, Xavier) and one man (me) will talk via Skype. Using modern recording technology we will save this call and distribute it to you, the masses. One problem though. We need to hook the listeners. We need to get your attention. We need to not talk about Pokemon ever again or my girlfriend will probably leave me. How do we solve this diabolical debacle (HAR)?

Talk about HALF-LIFEEEEEEEEE!!!! The best game ever made besides all the other best games ever made!

We're going to tackle Valve's unique approach to the FPS genre (and take it behind the shed), deploring it publicly and live in a non-live kind of way, but if I've learned anything about public deploring behind the shed, it's that holding down a grown man requires teamwork.

So help us out, give us questions. This is kind of a shot in the dark, but sometimes, no matter how hopeless things are, you have to take a Cblog post by the balls and say, "Fuck it, lets ask for listener questions."

Questions plzkthxbai.

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