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nukka jdav avatar 9:29 PM on 02.12.2009  (server time)
TheCollegeGamer Podcast Ep. 10: Apple Daddy Edition

YEAH! New format everyone! We decided to drop the weekly game topic and focus entirely on news and
questions (if you worthless pieces of shit would ask any). This was because not all of us had always
played the game of the week, leaving the conversation lacking at times. This new format lets everyone
always have something to say, therefore leading to more disagreements, insults, and racism.

Gary, Armando, Pendelton, Xavier, and I had a wonderful time and we know you will too, so too halt your
excessive salivation/premature ejaculation here's what to expect.

-Armando Really Hates Sonic Unleashed
-Wolfenstein RPG, on The Cellphone, And Its Good!
-James Talks About Batman Forever, And His New Job
-These Aren't Your Grandma's Pumpkin Seeds
-Jake Power FTW
-James Is Actually Gary's Father
-We Talk About All The Demo's That Have Been Released
-Apple Daddy!
-Giant Hamster Balls!
-Jabba's Flamboyantly Gay Uncle Makes Gets Mentioned
-Mr. Sadistic Is Armando's #1 Fan
-Liam Nieson Is Amazing

Here's A Link To The Music In Case You Liked It:

Listen below or subscribe here.

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