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nukka jdav avatar 1:02 AM on 01.03.2009  (server time)
The College Gamer Podcast Ep. 5: Dreamcast Armand[ill]o Contest Edition (PRIZES FOLKS)

Note: Umm, I still haven't figured out why, but the cblogs are being hellishly naughty in an unprovocative
manner. BBcode is erratic and the format makes my head spin... you might have to copy and paste some links
folks. Sorry.

Mr. Sadistic. This contest is dedicated to you and your witty armadillo-like ways of thinking. Whether you
want that to be a compliment or not is up to you. And no, you do not automatically win the contest just
you inspired it, but you sure can enter. In fact, everyone can! Also, listen to our podcast! YEAH!

Rules baybay.

Make that man above as armadillo-like as you possibly can. (Humor = good) It doesn't matter how you do it,
or even how good you are, because we are the judges and have questionable taste. Make it silly, make it
make it morally questionable, but regardless of what you do and how you do it make sure you send your

[email protected]

You all have three weeks to do so, because Xavier, the nice man who's paying for this contest jizz has to be
financially secure for you ARMADILLO LOVING BASTARDS. We'll post the winner and maybe some other
favorites in another cblog at that time, or perhaps even do a weekly update to keep things fresh and sexy.
How we all like it here at Dtoid. Fresh and sexy.

Oh yeah, the prize is WORLD OF FUCKING GOO!!! You choose whether you want it
on Steam or Wii.

Yeah, this game needs your attention (for yours and the developer's sake) so I see no reason to at least try.
Unless you are lame. Yeah, that could hinder things. God Hinder is a horrible musical group.

Oh yeah don't forget, we have a podcast as well too. This week Gary, Xavier, Armand[ill]o, Pendelton and I
(James) all gathered around to talk about the Dreamcast. I've never really played it, but apparently everyone
else has, so I'm pretty sure they chose this topic to spite me. Also, I left to get some food near the end and it
just so happens that's when they all had the most fun. SO, screw everyone except me. Oh yeah, subscribe
on iTunes by going here, or use this direct download link.


This weeks topic: Dreamcast
- Absolutely No Games Came out
- We're Starting To Hate The Wii
- Dreamcast is AMAZING!!!
- Typing of the Dead...nuff said
- The Cake From Hell
- Stick Around After The Credits For Some Randomness

Just kidding, I love you guys. We share something...something special.

An armadillo.

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