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nukka jdav avatar 5:50 PM on 02.22.2009  (server time)
The Backwards-Compatible Podcast Ep.1: CollegeGamer Identity Crisis Edition Records Tonight


We're getting sexier is what. Yes, the CollegeGamer is getting a makeover. We aren't all about college anymore (as if we were anyway, Gary isn't even in college that fucking poser). As far as I know, not much is changing format wise. We just hope to get a better site up and write on it more often. Oh, and Armando is going to do a weekly video rant. That alone makes the change worth it. Anyway, please continue listening and when we get the site going, please do visit. I aim to do my best to make it worth it for you all.


We all aim to make it better for you.


Ask questions too, we need them, no matter how ridiculous or contrived.

Here is what to expect this week on the show:

-What Ya Been Playin
-Games of the Week
-Sony Announces they've sole 21 million ps3's
-Mass Effect 2 teaser
-Sony says GOW 3 and MAG coming this year.
-New Riddick Trailer, let the jizzing commence.
-Ex Ensemble Studios Guys Start Bonfire Studios
-Super Famicom Pad Now Available Via Play Asia
-Ubisoft Confirms Wheelman Release for March
-Armando Gets Some Yakuza 3 Time
-If there's demand Capcom will add more characters to SF4

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