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nukka jdav avatar 6:33 PM on 04.30.2009  (server time)
Cats: The Musical: The Game: The Legend: The High Score Contest: In Which You Can Win Things

Thats right. Dead Movie Star has turned our (The Backwards-Compatible crew) world upside down and soon he will do the same to you. As a fun way of promoting his latest big release, Cats: The Musical: The Game: The Legend, we're going to have a high score contest. As the current world record holder (because Xavier is a photoshopping ass), I feel that to attain my score will be a challenge, and will take much longer for an average human being than the 10 minutes it took me to obtain. Anyway, rules and such.

Rule #1: Download Cats: The Musical: The Game: The Legend and play it. <----- CLICKY

Rule #2: Get a high score or some shit like that.

Rule #3: Send a LEGIT screenshot of your high score to [email protected] . Don't be scared to post it in the comments either. It'll ramp up the competitive spirit.

Rule #4: Do all of the above by next Friday, the 8th.

Rule #5: These aren't really rules, they're more procedural and such, how embarassing.

Rule #6: Win an amazing, mystery cats poster. I'm not shitting you. It's that good.

Well folks, get to it. It is actually Dead Movie Star's most gamey game yet and is crazily addicting. Just ask the world record holder...who's that again? Oh yeah, its me! Haha what a pompous ass I have become.


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