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About Me:

Hey there, I'm James. I'm originally from Deer Lodge, MT, but now I'm going to school in Missoula for TEACHING. Yeah, I kind of changed my mind. I was doing the journalism thing, but kind of had a weird epiphany about the whole thing. Teaching was what I wanted to do before journalism and after some hard thought I'm going to return to it. I figure becoming an english teacher will allow me to continue writing. That blogging dream will still be there, It just won't be priority.

I'm very into music, especially Modest Mouse and Animal Collective. Classic rock makes my genitals burst as well. My life is simple: School, my lady, friends, family, dogs, and games. Easy peasy, no? I've been around Dtoid for a while, lurking since the beginning, and registered a while ago. I love it here, having such a good community really does the place well. I'm into any game that doesn't suck. There is really very little I'm not willing to play. The only problem is time, but please recommend good games to me. I've been on an indie binge recently, so start there. Feel free to add my PSN and Gamertag to your friends lists. I'm a nice dude and love playing with Dtoiders. You guys are amazing.

I blow at fighters, this is just the only cool looking picture I've ever taken.

Top Five Games at the Moment (No Particular Order)
1. Left 4 Dead
2. Half - Life 2
3. Metroid Prime
4. Resident Evil 4
5. Little Big Planet

Play with me...

My Steam ID: teh_james

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Other Things...

The Unshaven - a dodgeball movie that probably won't be funny to you that my friends and I all made as a parting senior thingy. Anyway, if you wanna see me in action I'm the chubby one playing The Lion King on my Sega. (Major credit to Daniel Lombardi)

My Youtube Channel - nothing too special on there, just some videos from a longgg time ago and a few I made from boredom.

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For those who remember us, we're back! After a long, painful hiatus, Armando, Xavier, Tazar, and Nukka (soon Pendleton21 and Garison too) are recording their video game shenanigans again! We missed no one listening to us way too much.

For those who don't remember us, we're a semi-long running community podcast. We talk games, sometimes we're funny, sometimes we're racist and funny, but we're always talking about video games and racist. This is games from the perspective of four long-time interactive entertainment lovers. There is plenty of industry talk as well, but as consumers, we are easier to identify with. Cusses and things.

In this episode there is (you guessed it) lots of Red Dead Redemption/Alan Wake talk! Bit Trip Runner gets a mention, Lost is sexualized, and horse suicide is horse suicide! We talk Rock Band 3, Natal, and a bunch of other shit I don't remember! Excitement!

Intro Song: Be Gentle With Me - The Boy Least Likely To
Outro Song: SPOILERZ

Anyway, download the episode HERE and drop us some questions for next weeks episode while you're at it. Thanks for listening folks.

My financial aid didn't go through this year and I have no choice but to sell my beloved PS3 and games. My next bill is coming up very soon and just need moneys ASAP. I'm selling the majority of my 360 game collection as well.

Also, please don't flame. I'm desperate here.

Uncharted TWO.


PAX is officially over and we're all fucking tired. Come ask us questions then listen to us talk about all the useless shit we got. After three days of video game sex and watching deuchebags before you in line play the game wrong and waiting in lines, we have quite a lot to say.

Really, what the fuck am I going to do with all these tshirts?

I don't blog all too often, but when I do it is either because I feel compelled to say something deep or meaningful, or Xavier is all like, "YO MAKE A DTOID POST FOR THE PODCSAT OH LOOK I CAN'T SPELL" and I'm all like, "YO OK GOD GET OFF MY SAUCE PODCAST HOST."

Anyway I just wanted to give a little schpeel about what PAX means to me.

1. Heading to the Big City ALONE

Having only been in college for over a year my independence has yet to fully flourish. I've been super slow on that front for a few reasons. First of all, my father was a very, very controlling man. It wasn't often that I could even leave town to see a movie without his scrutinizing approval. He did let me go on some trips senior year with my friends and that was nice, but I've always felt under his watch in some way or another. PAX is my first chance to actually breathe. Yeah I've been in college a while, but being a shy/poor guy its hard for me to have super duper crazy college adventures. Recently due to my job as a tech guy for my dorm I've been able to afford school and a few toys here and there. PAX is one of those toys.

Now, I've been to Seattle before. I stayed there for a few days before a trip to China when i was 14. There seemed like so much to see and do, but again I was under the gaze of a supposed guardian. We did all the typical touristy shit. Yeah I saw the Space Needle (yahoo...), but Seattle seemed like such a rich place I wanted to EXPLORE. God damnit, a few of my favorite bands were playing there that weekend as well. White Stripes anyone? In only a day from now I'll be on my own, able to do what I want (besides drink FUCK) and I'll be doing it with some of the coolest people I know.

2. Meeting All of You Crazy Assholes (Backwards Compatible included!)

Now, I'm not a heavy poster, commenter, or forumskateer(?) on Destructoid, but I've been around about three years now. I've seen a lot, talked to many of you, played some games, and overall have had the sexy/sweaty taste of Destructoid imprinted on my internet tongue. All of you dudes and ladies are so fucking awesome. In a weird way I almost consider you internet celebrities of a certain color. PAX is my chance to finally meet most of you if I have the balls, as I'm a shy dude. I'm sure its going to be a comfortable environment though and I'll be feeling pretty ballsy. Keep on the lookout for me, I'll probably be the guy holding Pendelton's hand when he gets that painful tattoo, poor baby.

Which brings me to another point, I get to meet my fellow podcasteers! It may seem weird, but its also a sign of the times when I say I consider all of these guys good friends. We've been doing this podcasting thing for about a year now and in that time we've come to know each other pretty well. Its been very, very nice always having some cool dudes to nerd out with. There aren't enough of these people in Missoula!

Also, on our last podcast we talked about a podcast orgy of sorts...all the community podcasts combining our forces for a short little recording...? eh? EH? Think about it.

3. Meeting the Staff (Internet Celebrities)

Its hard for me to really elaborate about this one, but SQUEEEE! We've had a few staff members on our podcast before and every time I call my friends or family and freak out. Over the years at Destructoid you, the staff, have become internet celebrities to me. I couldn't give a fuck about meeting Brad Pitt, but meeting any of you guys/gals would give me an instaboner. That along with how community oriented Destructoid is as a whole, makes the head purple, ready to explode into a fiery mess of blood and semen. I think you will all be surprised how fucking badass so many people think you are. Get ready for an eye opener.

(BONUS NUMBER) 4. Wish you were here Tazar.


Matt and Kim.

Fucking Bumbershoot is going on this weekend too. FUCK.

That is all.
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Well! Let me tell you!












Moral of the Story: It is impossible to hate Destructoid unless you are the type of person that doesn't think finding a cat in a PS3 Slim box is funny.



Yeah, we're getting together and doing our thing. Yeah the thing where Armando talks about something then gets really angry and starts talking a mean mean Spanish. Oh the pain in that voice... ANYWAY! Ahem...yeah ask us questions that we can answer. Our favorite kinds are the questions that make no sense whatsoever or pertain to us in anyway so be creative! Also we allow cusses so don't hold back.

Now get down to that comment box and make me proud!