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nonetheartist's blog

3:25 AM on 05.09.2012


Not much going on besides homework and gaming. I recently picked up a 4gb Xbox 360 slim but need a bigger hard drive for games. I tend to be a variety gamer and also switch back and forth from consoles at a whim. I have 11 consoles so far and my game collections keep growing as well. I don't have any 360 contacts at the moment but for the time being I only have four games. I'll get more later as soon as I dig up some cash. Probably next week.   read

8:49 PM on 04.25.2012

Gaming in the life of a art college student

Lately I have been trying to balance out the gaming addition and hobby I have with homework from college. I have several consoles and several computer games. My consoles are in order by company:

Microsoft Xbox (original fat model)
PlayStation 2 (Fat model)
PlayStation 3 (Slim 320GB model)
Sega Dreamcast (White model)
Sega Genesis (First model)

Nintendo Gameboy Advance
Nintendo Gameboy Advance SP (Silver model)
Nintendo Gameboy Pocket (Blue model)
Nintendo 3DS (Flame Red Model)

I have several games and enjoy social interactions but have no currents friends at the moment. I also hope for a Xbox 360 in the future. Been trying to sale my Dell Streak 7 Wifi model android tablet so I can do that. Not having a full time job sucks sometimes.

I will let you guys know if future events happen and if you would like to add me on a system, please do.   read

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