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njsykora avatar 11:07 PM on 10.18.2008  (server time)
SingSterling: It Was Epic

Jim Sterling has just played Singstar for 12 hours straight. Unfortunately we were unable to raise enough money to keep him at the mic stand for the full 24 hours and get our Astley on.

However, that is what NARPs are for.

Some brave souls stuck with the live stream for the full 12 hours, this blog is here for anyone who helped out with the campaign or even just popped their heads in and watched. If you donated then thank you again, you helped everyone involved in this event. Except Jim Sterling of course, he goes to bed tonight with probably an extremely sore throat but a deep warm feeling inside, his pain has helped to ease the pain of others. As horribly cheesy as that sounds.

For those who missed it all, here's Jim Sterling performing Unchained Melody.

Also, Heretic would like me to make his presence felt as he was there for the whole 12 hours but for obvious reasons he can't sign the roll call.


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