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njsykora avatar 10:18 AM on 04.30.2009  (server time)
A Challenge. How Much Game Do You Get For 5?

As we all know, videogaming is an expensive hobby. In these troubled economic times even I have been forced down to only one oil tanker full of caviar a week. So I decided that since I didn't have the cash to buy one of this week's new releases (I'm lying, I bought Rhythm Paradise) I would see how much game I could get for just 5 of my English pounds.

The location chosen, CEX Gloucester. The format, I went in looking for anything and everything but all these games came from the PS2 section.

Timesplitters - 1

First thing I picked up was this. I love Timesplitters 2 but have never played the original game. I don't expect it to be as good but quite frankly I don't care when it's only 1.

Zone of the Enders - 1

The Crackdown of its day. It sold massive amounts because of the bundled in MGS2 demo however my friends that are into giant robots speak very highly of it. To be honest I've wanted to get it for a while yet there's always been something that's held me back. A 1 price tag must've silenced that problem.

Dynasty Warriors 3 - 2.50

I asked a little while ago that if I was going to get started on Dynasty Warriors where was the best place to start. The overwhelming majority held up #3 as the perfect entry point. 2.50 may have just bought me a newfound appreciation for one button combat.

I encourage everyone to try this themselves, take 5 (that's roughly $7.50) and go find some cheap games. GOOD GAMES as well, we're not giving points for 5 worth of crap here. I want to see what you can add to your collection that you genuinely want with just a small amount of cash.

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