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njsykora avatar 8:47 AM on 07.17.2008  (server time)
5 Reasons: LittleBigPlanet

Opening with a question, does anyone know what that song is in the new trailer?

OK, I have figured out 5 reasons why I'm excited about LBP and I would hope that at least one of them resonates with you and awakens that excitement that you've seen from everyone else for this game but which you haven't quite felt yourself.

1) The Gameplay Itself

Its an effortlessly simple idea. Plonk some obstacles between you and the finish and see what happens. Its pure and simple 2D platforming but not in the retro sense, moving in and out to other layers of the stage and the physics make LBP a 2D platformer without the stigma that's attatched to most modern 2D platformers.

2) Sackboy

Just look at it, its such a simple and uncomplex design yet it has somehow captured the hearts of gamers. When was the last time a character did that? I'm honestly excited to mess about with dressing mine up, its going to be the personal mark of every player. Nintendo have Mii's, Microsoft have Avatars, Sony have Sackboy.

3) User Created Levels

Downloading them specifically, I'm not too excited about the creator (though that might change once I get a hold of it) but anyone who's dabbled with N's user created levels knows that when you give a gamer a level designer for a platformer specifically something snaps in their head that makes their imagination that little bit more evil than usual. So long as the community don't resort to cheap tricks to take people down we're going to see some damn fine hard stages and possibly even some excellent stories.

4) Stephen Fuckmothering Fry

Seriously, I squealed slightly at this news. A fantastic actor and story reader bringing his formiddable talents to videogaming at long last, its hard to think of many other games that could benefit from having that sort of kindly voice narrating the story.

5) What Could Follow

Mods in UT3, MyBuzz and LBP's level sharing are all brilliant ways to differentiate from the competition but when I think of level sharing and creation there's only one game I truly am foaming at the mouth to see on my PS3.

Please Nadeo. I am on my knees and begging you, give me console Trackmania. This is the big one. If LBP itself blows chunks, if the sharing alone works it could open the door to loads more games based around user created content. Even if you don't want to play LBP, at least get excited for what it could mean for future games.

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