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njsykora avatar 3:20 PM on 07.23.2008  (server time)
5 Reasons: Guitar Hero World Tour

After my LittleBigPlanet post last week I thought 'I know, lets make this a series' given that the basic foundation was sound. So every Wednesday I'll give you 5 reasons why I'm excited for a game and why you should be too. So we're starting with a game everyone's written off before its out the door, Guitar Hero 4. Here's why I think it'll be better than Rock Band 2.

1) RedOctane
Can you honestly say that you prefer the Rock Band guitar to the Guitar Hero 1, 2 and 3 guitars? The one thing that Guitar Hero had going for it when Harmonix upped and left was that they had the king of gaming peripherals making its stuff. The clicking strum bar provides a feedback that I sorely miss every time I pick up the Stratocaster controller, also there's that new touch panel and I'm very interested in seeing how that works. Also there's the drums which look great, and fuck off you don't need 2 bass pedals.

2) Music Studio

I liked Music for the PS1 and that's my theorising for this one done. I like pissing about with a game and making something that sounds decent, its why I like Everyday Shooter and its why I think I'll like this. Plus it'll be a good way to get bad covers of songs that aren't on the official tracklist, so it'll be like Guitar Hero 1 again!

3) Multiformat
I don't have a 360 right now, so I can't play Rock Band. I can't therefore play Rock Band 2 when it comes out. By being properly multiformat and releasing it properly (either go exclusive or don't bother) Activision aren't hanging this juicy carrot over gamers who might want to play their game. They're also pretty much guaranteeing they sell more too, and on that note...

4) Europe
Europe is Guitar Hero country anyway, but when EA/Harmonix/MTV/whoeverthefucksfaultitis are constantly fucking over Europe together I'm going to buy whichever game comes out here first, so Guitar Hero had my money before any of that stuff up there. Unless they charge £200 for it.

5) Hayley Williams

Straight or gay, you need to be dead inside to not have your dick twitch at the sight of that.

Now I just wait for the Rock Band fanboys to rip this apart.

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