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7:50 PM on 02.01.2009

10 Things You Didn't Know About Nintendoll

Some of these might be repeats from my 25 random facts note on Facebook because I'm lazy. I'm leaving out obvious stuff like "I work for Negative Gamer" or "I left Ripten because one of the editors called me a bitch" or "I'm dating Wardrox." If you don't know that stuff by now...well then, you don't even know me. And that is a cryin' shame.

1. I was on national TV when I was 8 years old.

Thatís right. When I was in the 4th grade I was on MTVís Oddville. I still have the size XL t-shirt to prove it. What was my weird, embarrassing talent? I blew up a balloon with my nose. Good thing all my friends were guys when I was young, because they thought I was fucking awesome for being on that show.

2. My first time drunk I pretended to be a video game character.

The first time I ever got drunk (you know, certainly not before I was 21) I yelled ďIím Sonic the fucking Hedgehog!Ē and proceeded to do somersaults around my friendís house. I made some sort of drunk sound effects as well. I tried to wrap myself in blue blanket too, however it was very awkward to roll around like that so I gave up.

3. I have had a song written about me.

Itís not a famous song or anything. The bandís name is The Burrs, and the song is Tired. You can go ahead and download it. The band was only together for a year and recorded few more than the four songs on their "EP" so I'm sure they wouldn't mind if you get their music for free.

4. I am related to Annie Oakley.

Though my FPS skills are poor, I am indeed a direct descendant of the female sharpshooter Annie Oakley. In fact, the middle name ďOakleyĒ has been passed down to every female in my family up until my mother. Apparently my grandmother thought that Oakley was a stupid middle name for a girl. She was probably right.

5. I have held a baby octopus.

I got to hold one when I was in Hawaii. They are very cute and squishy.

6. Iím small because my growth was stunted as a child.

Iím 5í3Ē and weight somewhere between 100-115 lbs (my parents never kept a scale in the house). Itís not because of a good diet, but because I was iron deficient as a baby and refused to eat. My mom took me to many pediatricians, who all said I was simply a picky eater. Finally a doctor caught it and I was treated, but the result was that I am smaller than average.

7. My favorite food is quite possibly gravy.

I fucking love England.

8. I was a working theatre technician before I decided I wanted to write for games.

I had work at a couple of local and state stages as an electrician, carpenter, scenic artist and assistant stage manager. I loved the work but I didnít like most of the people. I can still probably make a mean faux wood grain, and I'm not afraid of a table saw.

9. I have never cried more in my life than when I was forced to put my cat down two years ago.

Iím sure everyone remembers the whole poisoned Iambs fiasco. My cat was one of the many who were poisoned. She was my first pet, and in her later years was as affectionate as a dog. We were given the choice between subjecting her to lifelong, painful dialysis or putting her down. She was so weak she could barely get up the stairs by herself. We chose to put her down, and the last look she gave us seemed to me like utter confusion, as if she couldnít believe we were actually going to kill her. I cried for a week straight. Just writing about it is making me cry.

10. I bought a Black Yoshi because it looked like Wardrox.

Ah yes. The infamous Black Yoshis. I originally bought one as a way to remember Wardrox, because we figured after PAX we would probably never see each other again. Wardrox was wearing all black and was sporting the yellow mohawk, so there was quite a resemblance. Then he ended up getting one as well, ScottyG realized how badass the Black Yoshi was and traded his red one for a black, then Suff0cat grabbed one as well. From what I hear, Rio has one now too. Black Yoshis rule.

To sum it all up, I'm pretty awesome. I mean, I held a baby octopus. How cool is that?   read

4:22 PM on 01.05.2009

I want to hug everyone too! A Letter to the Community

Dear Destructoid Community,

I just wanted to write you guys a letter telling you how awesome it is that you guys are around. As I pack up my apartment and get ready for my semester in England (THREE MORE DAYS OMGGGGG) I realized that the hardest part about leaving was saying goodbye to all my Destructoid friends.

Dtoid NY, you guys rock. Thanks for throwing me a going away party, it was good times. All of the crazy adventures we had in NY, NJ and PA were awesomely epic. The video of us playing Rock Band (I'M TIIINOOOOO!) cracks me up every time. I would elaborate more on this, but I think this is an ATV trail and it's about time to turn back.


Super awesome thank you goes out to Nerdfit and Cataract for helping me and Angie move my stuff yesterday. Even if it was work it was till fun to hang out with you guys. Sorry I could only pay you in Chinese food.

Destructoid has helped me find people who are not only fun to play games with, but also just cool to hang out with in general. I used to feel like I was kind of a weirdo and didn't belong anywhere. Almost no one at my college plays video games. Ever since joining the community here I've become more confident in who I am and I know that there's a place where I belong.

Video unrelated but awesome

I know it's kind of mushy, but Dtoid and all the people here have made my life so much better. I have tons of new awesome friends, a great boyfriend, and a job all thanks to this site. My life has changed so much it's not even funny. Leaving America behind isn't as hard now, since I will always have my badass friends here in the innernets.

So thank you Destructoid, for helping me meet some of the coolest people ever, and giving me a place where I belong :) Special shout outs to everyone I met at PAX, IRC, and Stickam <3



Chelsea "Nintendoll"


6:02 PM on 11.08.2008

Blitz II: The League Entry

Ok, so this video isn't terribly good. However it was ridiculously fun to make, so I gotta give props to my friend Erik (Nerdfit) for helping me out on this one. Enjoy :)


I AM THE NIGHT!   read

11:26 PM on 11.04.2008

A Winrar is You! Also, I'm drunk.

Alrighty then, much later than I originally proposed since I was busy watching history happen. Tino is disqualified for not following the rules, and Wardrox is disqualified because...well...that's just unfair :P

However, the winner of this contest is Mix, because I think his dog is super adorable. He should PM me, becuase I am a bit drunk and probably not remember this in the morning. I have had severl beers to celebrate the election results, and my stomach feels nice and warm. IRC scares me sometimes.

Also, a friend of mine said where he works at gamecrazy has a stack of codes, and that he might be able to swipe me some. If I get more I'll let you know :)   read

11:58 AM on 11.04.2008

Mini Contest: Mirror's Edge Time Trial Code

I tried to get more, but my friend wasn't working so I only got one. So that means it's time for a mini contest! This code (according to the card) should work on either system.

Alright then, contest rules are simple: In order to win, express in the comments (in words or pictures) something that you feel redefines adorable. Flattery will not work; I already know from RonB that I redefine adorable.

So if you want a time trial code, you have until midnight EST to post an entry. Have fun :)   read

10:40 AM on 10.31.2008

I'm on Atlus's website, woot!

Hey if anyone else is on the Atlus Faithful mailing list, you know they have a contest going on. WELL GUESS WHO ENTERED?! Oh yeah, me bitches. I am the only person in the contest dressed as Yukari.

I'm not sure if voting counts towards the winner of not, but you should vote for me anyway. I think you can vote for more than one.

Why should you vote for me, you ask? Well let me give you some motivation: If I win, I will be holding my own contest for one of two items in the prize pack: the Growlanser: Illustration Archive signed by Satoshi Urushihara (character designer) or the Etrian Odyssey II 3-disc Music Collection (winner's choice).

So if you want to win stuff, help me to win stuff.

Check out some of the other entries too though, the Gwendolyn costumes are out of this world.   read

12:06 PM on 10.28.2008

Will Guitar Hero Surpass Rock Band's popularity?

I enjoyed Rock Band far more than I enjoyed Guitar Hero III last year, so I was very excited about Rock Band 2. Through a stroke of luck and some good friends *cough*Suff0catisfullofawesome*cough* I was able to get a copy for free. I started out pretty excited and as I got deeper into the game, suffered a couple of let downs.

Things like the freedom of single player tours were a welcome change, and I thought the added challenges were pretty cool. However, I was pretty disappointed that the character customization was pretty much just a rehash of the previous Rock Band, with a few new things tacked on for good measure. This was extremely disappointing, especially in light of GH: WT's super crazy customization interface. I know the game is supposed to concentrate expressly on the music, however it almost seems as if Harmonix didn't consider customization as an important part of the game play--which it is. Everyone wants to make a rock star as close to themselves (or Chuck Norris) as possible, and limiting that capacity for players will also limit the amount of enjoyment they get out of the game.

The second disappointment was the music selection. This time around, the songs were truly a mixed bag, with some great choices like Cheap Trick and some questionable ones like Bob Dylan (which probably should have been offered as DLC instead). I initially thought it would be stupid to import the original Rock Band songs when I could simply switch to the other disc, however the hit-or-miss song selection in the second game had me yearning to play something more fun and familiar.

So while Rock Band 2 took a couple of steps forward with the general gameplay, I feel like Guitar Hero's detailed character and instrument customization paired with its impressive track list just might give it the edge this time around.

Which one will you be playing this year?   read

7:44 AM on 10.27.2008

Quickblog: NAVA swag and NARP awesome

I'm sure someone has written already about the epicness of the Street Fighter Club meet this past Friday. We got to play SFIV in an old brick basement, with a DJ spinning all night on the first floor. Episodes of the Street Fighter anime were projected on the ceiling.

Dtoiders seemed to hold their own; Cataract and Casualweaponry spent plenty of time on the machines. I suck at Street Fighter and didn't enjoy the privilege of more than one fight at a time. Awesome bags of swag were obtained: a headband, soap, comic book, shirt poster, and dogtag (though my bag was missing the dogtag and I died a little bit inside). I didn't partake in after-SF drinking, but I did get to see a drunk guy yelling in Spanish with his nose bleeding all over the place. It was at this point that Cataract, Power-glove and I realized that this was an ATV trail, and we had to go back (to Jersey).

Next day NAVA was the "Night of 100 Prizes" meaning that Joe (owner of the store) was trying to get rid of some of his many boxes of game-related swag. I won three prizes: a Space Channel 5 remix CD, a metal Playstation flask, and a Prince of Persia soundtrack CD. With the help of Cataract, I also managed to get an SNES for $10 (from another NAVA member) and a copy of Aladdin for $2. I wore my Yukari costume and there were a lot of other people costumed, both game related and normal. Pizza was served, Balloon Fight tourney was had, and of course plenty of Rock Band 2.

The NARP after was pretty small as most people were either tired or had found something better to do. It was me, power-glove and Cataract enjoying some two player Altered Beast. I also introduced Cataract to my first shmup: Phelios for Sega Genesis. We ended up closing the night off with Wizard People (if you haven't seen it, the whole thing is up on youtube). Beer makes that movie infinitely funnier. I think I passed out around 3 am. It was more like a chill get together than a party, but still fun.

All in all a good weekend filled with lots of free stuff. I'm still convinced that DtoidNYC is the coolest mini-community ever. Thanks for making the weekend awesome, guys :)   read

1:18 PM on 10.18.2008

DtoidNY's Centralia Trip

Do you want to see pictures of Centralia? You know, the town that was the the basis for the Silent Hill movie, with underground burning coal fires? Well too bad, because my camera didn't have any batteries for the first half of the trip. Hopefully Zen or superflossy will post their photos up here in community town soon; although I think Zen's are already up on facebook.

No, what I'm posting here is DtoidNY's drunk time photos. Infinitely more amusing, I'd say. Enjoy our drunken faces!

ZenAlbatross and Devon Riley, ready for action!

Black Yoshi, taking some time to play some sweet chiptune beats.

Group shot!

Nothing even remotely gay happened.

ZOMG! Someone stole my camera and photo'd me to prove I was there.

Couch group photo (left to right): ZenAlbatross, Devon Riley, power-glove, superflossy, and MechaMonkey

Tino, our gracious host :)

Note: As I get drunker, the angles on these photos get crazier.

I am still convinced that the DtoidNYC group has the best NARPs. I challenge you to prove me wrong!

I'm sending ZenAlbatross all of the video clips I took and hopefully he'll make some sort of epic montage video of the experience.   read

1:32 PM on 10.15.2008

Cheap Chocobo Update

So, I was expecting the set of three chocobos I got from eBay for $22 to be a set of knock-offs. I mean, they were so damn cheap; it couldn't even be real.

But I got mine in the mail today and it looks like they are the real deal. The tags sewn onto the dolls say "Heartland TOMY Group" on one side with "C Disney/Pixar" on the other. The larger attached tags have the Square Enix logo on them and are completely in Japanese.

Also, best warning line ever:

"Avoid discoloring from biting or licking."

So if you were holding off on these for fear of them being fake, it seems that they're pretty genuine. The seller still has a bunch of these sets on eBay.   read

5:51 PM on 10.07.2008

Nerd Alert Buys: eBay edition (cheap chocobos inside)

Do you love chocobos of the stuffed animal variety? How about chocobos dressed up in silly costumes? If so, then then you need to check out this eBay auction.

Up for auction on eBay is this set of THREE chocobo plushies starting at $8.80. Sure, the shipping is $13.20, but you're still only paying $22 for three of the most adorable chocobos evar. This is an awesome deal, considering Play Asia is sold out of these, and NCS lists them as $29 each.

If you want to check out the auctions, click here for the listings.

Happy bidding :)   read

3:38 PM on 10.05.2008

I got swag: Gamestop Edition

So I went to visit my friend Bonnie yesterday, who's an assistant manager at EBX. We chatted for a bit and then I asked her if there was any cool preorder stuff. She gave me so much stuff I had to grab a bag to get it out of the store.

Legendary trailer disc and art book, Dead Space art book (with 3d glasses), Mirror's Edge code to unlock an extra mode in the demo, Lego Batman poster, Fable II pub games code, Mushroom Men trading cards, Golden Axe: Beast Rider art book, Fracture dogtag, and a Infinite Undiscovery thing with a code for extra in-game stuff and a shiny piece of art.

Not pictured are the We Cheer mini pompoms that Bonnie insisted I take. I'm kind of tempted to just trash them but looking at them makes me giggle a little bit. I'm jealous though, since she got the Mirror's Edge bag (the yellow one) from the manager's conference.

The point: make good friends with someone who works at Gamestop.   read

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