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I'm a woman who loves her video games. I'm also pretty much a nerd for all that is nerdy: MST3K/Riff Trax, Star Wars, Anime/Manga, Kevin Smith, X-men Comics, and of course all things video games. Someday, I would look to get paid to write for and/or about video games. I'm awesome, so it'll will probably happen.

I have a strong hatred for the Atlantic Ocean.

Yoshi BBFs forever: Me, Suff0cat, Wardrox, and ScottyG.

Preferred games are RPGs and puzzle games. I like the occasional FPS (Timesplitters: FuturePerfect being my favorite) and some racing (Burnout Reveeeeenge).

Current Games:
Burnout Paradise
Left 4 Dead
Space Invaders Extreme
Harvest Moon Island of Happiness
Chrono Trigger DS

My Project 365
That link is to some of my photography/photoshop art done for Project 365. If you don't know what Project 365 is, GOOGLE IT DUH.

Notable C-Blogs:
The Start of the Affair: Harvest Moon

I also write a bit for Negative Gamer.

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Last night, I got wasted in IRC. To be honest, I can't remember what I said, but when I woke up this morning the caps lock key was on. So whatever I said, it was VERY CAPITALIZED.

This morning, I found a notepad file on my desktop named "IRC." I don't remember when these happened, but I did at one point start taking down quotes since AlsoCocks is still borked. So, enjoy the things that I can't remember. And that Kacie can't remember.

kacie|drinking when people say xbawks
kacie|drinking I like to imagine them playing on a chicken

*** mid3vol is now known as Dyn_User3007541
*** Dyn_User3007541 is now known as SuffOcat

Suff0cat Oh shit not this again

coonskin05 ill ban hammer you with my dick Mandi

Gandy|Drinking fine mandi, dont enjoy seeing me in all my man bear glory
mid3vol gandy i am now in love with you and your mass amounts of facial fur

Gandy|Drinking She a crazy ho
The_Young_Scot SHE'S A SPATULA

01:30 Suff0cat: Someone hold me
01:31 Detry: Gimme teh tits
01:31 elysse did it in his butt. in his butt.
01:31 randombullseye holds suff-O-cat.
01:31 Cataract holds suffocat
01:31 Detry fucks tits
01:31 Cataract smells suffocat
01:31 Suff0cat: Hell yeah!
01:31kacie|drinking: how cute
01:31 nindrunkdoll puts suff0cat in a sleeper hold
01:31Cronosblade: lol
01:31 Gandy|Drinking holds Suff0cat......sexually
01:31 mid3vol: ewwww have you ever seen the niptuck episode where his son attempts to give himself a circumcision?!
01:31 Cataract starts going for the reach around

kacie|drinking: I'm not carzy.

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