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nintendoll avatar 3:40 PM on 02.22.2013  (server time)
Journey to the Omegathon Part Two: Photo Op

A few days after the initial phone call, I was scrolling through my gmail and got my next contact from Penny Arcade. A few of the organizers sent out a notice that they would need some basic information, a headshot for the program, and for us to sign some sort of agreement/waiver type document.

My eyes scanned the document fairly quickly; it wasn't very long. But towards the end, I found one of those necessary but slightly unnerving "Penny Arcade is not responsible for any injuries sustained while competing the Omegathon" statements.

I had a flash of some rather unpleasant scenes playing through my head: myself, flailing around with playing the inevitable dancing game; myself, falling of the stage like an idiot; myself, bleeding out on stage, filled with ninja stars of my competitor's hired assassins.

I though back to my conversation with one of the past Omeganauts, Pork Buns, on what to expect from the competition. Her response was chilling:

"Terror. Lots of terror."

Well then.

My first instinct was to disguise myself. The best offense is a good defense right? Hmm. Something about that sounds off. My point is, i was going to wear some sort of mask in my photo and submit my first name as 'Mystery' and my last name as "Challenger." I felt very smart, and for a short time, very safe.

And of course I remembered that in my bout of maniacal excitement at being chosen for the Omegathon, I told everyone who even vaguely knows me through the internet that I had been picked.

Here are my plans, currently full of wrench.

So I resigned myself to taking a normal photo. I got my camera ready, put on something cute andOH MY GOD IT'S BEEN A WEEK AND I NEED TO SEND THE PHOTO IN TOMORROW!

I browsed through photos of myself on my computer. I found some good ones, but it needed to be 4" x 4" at 300 dpi. I have a DSLR camera, so I figured somewhere I should have a good quality photo to use. Imagine my dread, dear readers, when I discovered that 90% of my high quality photos are on my external 1TB hard drive....that is currently missing its USB cable.

So, no photos with the Destructoid helmet on, no photos of me making silly but somehow cute faces, no photos of me in any of my pretty rad cosplays. Balls.

Short on time, I was forced to ask my lovely mother for help getting a decent headshot for the program. Maybe this goes without saying, but let me just put this out there: if you need a headshot for some reason, never, ever ask your mom to take your photo for you.

Don't get me wrong, I love my mother dearly. She's funny and loving and great at helping me and my friends paint Warhammer figures. But, like many mothers, she thinks I am the cutest child alive and everything I wear is adorable and I'm her little baby.

For reference, I'll be turning 26 this year.

So, instead of taking ten minutes to snap a few photos, it turned into a 40 minute ordeal. Changing my hair around, switching the lighting, getting shots from at least eight different angles. Total, my mom took about 60 photos. I felt like I went through some sort of Olympic event. You know, the type where the goal is to smile a bunch without blinking or twitching, you are the only competitor, and there is no prize for winning.

And the stupid thing is, I looked ridiculous in almost all of them.

In the end though, I got a decent photo, and that's what really matter. Now all I can do is wait until the games list gets posted, and listen to the Burning Rangers theme song to get myself pumped.

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