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nintendoll avatar 7:50 PM on 02.01.2009  (server time)
10 Things You Didn't Know About Nintendoll

Some of these might be repeats from my 25 random facts note on Facebook because I'm lazy. I'm leaving out obvious stuff like "I work for Negative Gamer" or "I left Ripten because one of the editors called me a bitch" or "I'm dating Wardrox." If you don't know that stuff by now...well then, you don't even know me. And that is a cryin' shame.

1. I was on national TV when I was 8 years old.

Thatís right. When I was in the 4th grade I was on MTVís Oddville. I still have the size XL t-shirt to prove it. What was my weird, embarrassing talent? I blew up a balloon with my nose. Good thing all my friends were guys when I was young, because they thought I was fucking awesome for being on that show.

2. My first time drunk I pretended to be a video game character.

The first time I ever got drunk (you know, certainly not before I was 21) I yelled ďIím Sonic the fucking Hedgehog!Ē and proceeded to do somersaults around my friendís house. I made some sort of drunk sound effects as well. I tried to wrap myself in blue blanket too, however it was very awkward to roll around like that so I gave up.

3. I have had a song written about me.

Itís not a famous song or anything. The bandís name is The Burrs, and the song is Tired. You can go ahead and download it. The band was only together for a year and recorded few more than the four songs on their "EP" so I'm sure they wouldn't mind if you get their music for free.

4. I am related to Annie Oakley.

Though my FPS skills are poor, I am indeed a direct descendant of the female sharpshooter Annie Oakley. In fact, the middle name ďOakleyĒ has been passed down to every female in my family up until my mother. Apparently my grandmother thought that Oakley was a stupid middle name for a girl. She was probably right.

5. I have held a baby octopus.

I got to hold one when I was in Hawaii. They are very cute and squishy.

6. Iím small because my growth was stunted as a child.

Iím 5í3Ē and weight somewhere between 100-115 lbs (my parents never kept a scale in the house). Itís not because of a good diet, but because I was iron deficient as a baby and refused to eat. My mom took me to many pediatricians, who all said I was simply a picky eater. Finally a doctor caught it and I was treated, but the result was that I am smaller than average.

7. My favorite food is quite possibly gravy.

I fucking love England.

8. I was a working theatre technician before I decided I wanted to write for games.

I had work at a couple of local and state stages as an electrician, carpenter, scenic artist and assistant stage manager. I loved the work but I didnít like most of the people. I can still probably make a mean faux wood grain, and I'm not afraid of a table saw.

9. I have never cried more in my life than when I was forced to put my cat down two years ago.

Iím sure everyone remembers the whole poisoned Iambs fiasco. My cat was one of the many who were poisoned. She was my first pet, and in her later years was as affectionate as a dog. We were given the choice between subjecting her to lifelong, painful dialysis or putting her down. She was so weak she could barely get up the stairs by herself. We chose to put her down, and the last look she gave us seemed to me like utter confusion, as if she couldnít believe we were actually going to kill her. I cried for a week straight. Just writing about it is making me cry.

10. I bought a Black Yoshi because it looked like Wardrox.

Ah yes. The infamous Black Yoshis. I originally bought one as a way to remember Wardrox, because we figured after PAX we would probably never see each other again. Wardrox was wearing all black and was sporting the yellow mohawk, so there was quite a resemblance. Then he ended up getting one as well, ScottyG realized how badass the Black Yoshi was and traded his red one for a black, then Suff0cat grabbed one as well. From what I hear, Rio has one now too. Black Yoshis rule.

To sum it all up, I'm pretty awesome. I mean, I held a baby octopus. How cool is that?

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