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nilcam avatar 9:21 PM on 05.22.2010  (server time)
PS3 Fightclub - SSFIV Ranbat 1 is on!

The Bracket is live and will be updated daily. This version current as of May 23:

The tournament software did not like our 35 person bracket so it set us up as a 64 man bracket. The result is that most of us get a bye on week 1. My solution is simple: Enkido, mrwutsgood, sleepingagain, nightsama, Smurfee McGee and Blorp need to get in their games as soon as possible. Once these players have completed the first week, they need to get in their round 2 games. The rest of us will start on week 2 this week. Basically, we're playing 2 rounds in 1 week. I'm sorry if you didn't get a bye; that selection was made randomly by Tournament Maker. I don't see much of a problem if several players end up playing 6 games a week instead of 3.

This tournament will run for about 11 rounds. I'd like to finish this early if at all possible so, in the interest of time, if all games are finished early, the next round will start early.

Remember: When you finish your games, message me via PSN and let me know the outcome, how many games you won/lost as well as which characters you played. Don't assume the other player will inform me. My PSN ID is nilcam.

If you have any trouble reading the bracket, let me know, otherwise...

Let's do this!

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