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nilcam avatar 8:02 PM on 07.17.2010  (server time)
PS3 Fight Club Ranbat Updates

With the forums down, I'm having to post this update to my cblog.

[/size]Grand finals will be Wedge vs Senisan. Wedge is coming from losers so he'll need to beat Senisan best 2 out of 3 games in order to reset the match. Senisan has it easier as he only has to win one set to end the ranbat. Best of luck to both players.

Here's the rankings for the players who completed the ranbat:
Place Name
1 35
2 34
3 Zoel
4 azninvasion2000
5 nilcam
7 mrwutsgood
7 Y0j1mb0
9 Nyktharas
9 Gen Eric Gui
9 Ckarasu
13 Shinryu
13 decoyb
13 Kryptinite
13 lyfeforce
17 Sleepingagain
17 Palidi
17 s0lesurviv0r
17 kirbilot
17 Tha Meat
17 Blorp
25 JoZo
25 Mark Oleski
25 djmctool
25 Tray Ben
25 Tewdee
33 Smurfee McGee
33 Enkido

Here's the link to the bracket:¤t=BracketCurrent.gif&newest=1

King of Fighters XII
I'd like to finish this ranbat in the next week. Kirbilot vs S0lesurviv0r is up next in losers. I'll face the winner of that match. The winner of my match will go on to play Zoel in grand finals.

Here's the link to the bracket:¤t=kofxiibracket.gif&newest=1

Puzzle Fighter HD Remix
This one is being postponed a few days thanks to the forums being down. I didn't have a chance to copy over the list of players and add them to the bracket yet. As soon as I can, we'll get started.

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