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nilcam avatar 10:41 PM on 07.24.2010  (server time)
PS3 Fight Club - Let's talk about the future

The SSFIV ranbat has ended. We're halfway through the KoF XII ranbat and the Puzzle Fighter ranbat is getting started later than planned due to the forum situation. I must admit that running this has been a bit more difficult than expected. Still, it's been gratifying to see so many players into the fighting genre, especially the new players.

The bad news is that I am starting on a new project that will prevent me from running the PS3 Fight Club anymore. It's a choice I have to make and this new project is very exciting to me on a personal level. The scope is much bigger than the Fight Club and it's something I really feel I need to do. I've asked Zoel if he would be willing to run the BlazBlue ranbat to finish out season 1.1. I haven't heard back yet but I'm hoping he'll do it. He would be a much better host of it than I would considering I'm a casual fan of the series and would not be able to provide any tutoring to new players.

One of the reasons I've decided to give up the Fight Club is a divergence of interest. I think SSFIV is pretty fun but I don't enjoy playing it nearly as much as I enjoy other fighters. That is very much at odds with the general feeling of the Dtoid community and I respect that. I have a hard time putting in a ton of effort into a game I feel is okay and not great. If Street Fighter Alpha 2 were all the rage, my attitude would be very different.

I'm hoping someone from the PS3 community steps up and takes over. If that happens, I'll provide any and all knowledge I've picked up over the last few months to them.

I'll announce my new project in the next few weeks. Stay tuned: You may find it interesting.

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