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nilcam avatar 9:49 PM on 02.01.2009  (server time)
10 things you don't know about nilcam

1. I'm an old-school, 2D-loving gamer that completely missed the 8-bit generation. All of my friends who tried to convince me to buy an NES showed me NES Baseball. It was fucking boring.

2. I spent 12 years in college and ended up with a 2 year degree. I started at the University of New Orleans in 1990 as a philosophy major. I changed majors each semester and finally ended up as a psychology major. I knew psych was a bad fit when I had a fit of laughter while watching a film of old unethical experiments, including Milgrom. I nearly earned a BS in Psych but I needed 15 hours of chemistry so I went to a new school and majored in Graphic Design. Pay attention, kids. It's a good idea to avoid reality as long as possible.

3. I grew up in a strict Roman Catholic family in New Orleans. This resulted in me becoming an atheist.

4. My favorite writer is Kafka. Read A Hunger Artist and learn why that is.

5. I have 2 favorite movies of all time: Tim Burton's Edward Scissorhands and Hal Hartley's Trust. Trust will never be released on DVD. It's the only reason I still own a VCR. I spent a year trying to find that movie. When my order arrived at the video store, my sister did not deliver the message. I almost killed her. Looking back, I probably should have.

6. I am heavily tattooed. I have 12 tattoos. One of which is a characterI designed and will one day create a game with.

7. I am eerily similar to DC's Starman (Jack Knight). Everything from my interest in art deco, old things and collectibles down to having a rocky relationship with my father since I remind him of my deceased mother.

8. After my mother died when I was 22, I have used that fact to end many arguments. Nothing makes someone feel as guilty as getting them to say "Your mom" and then telling them "that's not funny; my mom's dead" and it's true.

9. I have a very twisted and dark sense of humor. I spend a lot of time laughing and humorously pointing out how screwed up things are.

10. I am a romantic and an emotional person. I love things that make me feel. If a movie or game makes me feel anything, it's a keeper.

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