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Not my Turning Point gaming rig

crappy pic brought to you by my crappy camera, and the letters "I" and "R" and the number "0" my lilith This sugar mama runs on: 3 hamster wheels (simultaneously running dawg!) Half eaten ham sandwich (with mayo) Spilled finger nail polish A fat (always stub your toe on) front fan grill No cool LED lights, cause they aren't cool (annoying, yes)


Cryptic again, GTA MP, cookies.

Cryptic is confirmed (officially maybe) that it is the new developers of Star Trek Online. According to the article over at trekmovies explains why the announcement won't be publicly made by the Champions Online studio until...


Cryptic Didn't Die with Marvel Universe

They are back with Champions Online, an old school pen and paper rpg I've never heard of (see age) and what looks like City of Heroes Version 3.0. The game boasts of real time combat (no recharging), customizable powers, ...


Did a Game Ever...

...make you want to rinse out your eyes with acid for just looking at it? Make you doubt the future of humanity for even playing it? Make kittens, puppies, and baby jebus cry out in chorus for it even being conceived... We...


So I just finished Mass Effect...

Late huh? Well I was going for the power gamer achievement but fell short 9 levels. Oh well. Anywho, this isn't much of a review, just my impressions from playing it through time one. Firstly, most of the achievements ...


Starting Over?

This is just about the only post you'll see from me thats not game related. Ok it sorta is, after a long seven year break from hardcore console gaming I've finally returned to find out everything's online, yay! Problem, mo...


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