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7:07 PM on 07.23.2008

Woah it's a ghost train (NVGR)

Well this me summing up what T in the park is like for the uninitiated, 3 drunken guys on a ghost train trying not to spill their tennents. Enjoy.

Oh and yes I do know I look like a twat with my orange hair, it's part of my charm.

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12:25 PM on 06.22.2008

To be scottish (NVGR)

You Americans it's time you updated your Scottish stereotypes and Irn Bru is here to help you. Also there is some naked pensioner ass in the vid.

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9:04 PM on 06.16.2008

G1 jockey is using the balance board, sorry I think I just made a mess of myself.

I don't know about you lot but I loved and I mean loved G1 Jockey for the wii. It had this insane amount of depth to it but at the same time you were bouncing up and down spanking yourself whilst shouting come on golden shower, or whatever you named your horse.

The game was sheer madness and I loved it. I knew I would definitely be getting the next instalment but I wasn't sure how they could top their previous attempt, that is until I heard the were using the balance board. Eurogamer got the story and I can't wait for September now

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8:14 PM on 06.14.2008

Codemasters get CBEs?!?

Random news story of the day for me was seeing David and Richard Darling, the founders of codemasters in the queens birthday list getting CBEs. BBC link

Now personally i would of told the queen to fuck off but I suppose it's still nice for the Darling brothers to finally get some recognition. Well Dizzy was awesome.


9:46 AM on 05.31.2008

stupid stupid urges

Woo party tonight but wait I feel something is missing

A few hours later

A much better Now i'm ready to play some singstar and drink some Zubrowka.

Reason #48 why I ain't getting rock band:

It doesn't have Chesney Hawks.

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4:03 PM on 05.14.2008

Tesco and erm flash games?!?

So today I get an email telling me Tesco are launching "a brand-new digital site" so far so meh but wait they say there will also be "Great games that are free to play".

So yeah it is just a bunch of mostly shoddy flash games but the fact is Tesco is the UKs most recognised brand, their influence is massive and they are coming out and saying that hey these game thingys ain't so bad.

So this is more evidence, if any more was actually needed, that almost everyone plays games now. Yes casual games but oooh it's a slippery slope from Eastenders Ghost of Walford.
Oh and they have chuckie egg, damn that game is awesome.   read

3:38 PM on 04.29.2008

Pot noodle admen

I just saw this ad on the telly and i don't think it's too much of stretch for me to say it's the best thing iv seen on ITV in years.


Now compare that to any recent game ad. Televised game ads today generally show some in game footage and have some ultra macho voiceover and i'm thinking is that really the route they should be taking. Almost every game company is always talking about how they are trying to appeal to the non-gamers and for me television is the only medium they have for that, non-gamers will never read a gaming mag or go to a gaming website so what's left. Even the internet fails as an advertising medium compared to Tv, with Tv you have a captive audience for 30 seconds which you will never get with a banner on a website. So why don't their television ads cater more to the mainstream?

I've never heard any of my non-gaming friends talk about the call of duty ads but those old ratchet and clank ads with the guys in their backyard messing about with weapons, hell everyone found them funny.

So yes this was really just an excuse to shove up that awesome pot noodle ad   read

5:31 PM on 03.14.2008

Not my turning point rig

Yeah that's my Pc...

Little history first, it's almost 5 years old I got it from ASDA's and it was made by tiny who disappeared almost 3 years ago.

Ok now for the toilet roll. Yeah down the left hand side off the case at the front that's toilet roll. It got to the stage where the fans weren't cutting it any more but if I opened up the side a bit it was enough to stop it continually resetting itself and the toilet roll well its there cause well it gets dusty.

I could have a long list of things that are wrong with it but I wouldn't want to bore anyone with what is basically a begging letter so i'l just list one, it's not the worst but it's definitely the most annoying.

The button to open the DVD drive has stopped working and now every time I want to open it I have to actually right click on the drive and tell it to eject. Not the end of the world I know but it still bugs the hell out of me.

Oh and why is the pic so fuzzy well I got a crappy camera phone.   read

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